Reality check is just that, looking at reality instead of the spoon fed bullshit media and governments insist on calling accurate information....I will prove we are living in a smoke screen propaganda machine.

Lets start of with global warming/pollution and how it pertains to  local issues, air quality has been at the forefront the last couple of months, main topic being the railway tie incinerator. Ministry of Morons(Environment), and Interior Health both suspiciously put their stamp of approval on chipping and burning poisonous railway ties stating, "it will produce less pollution than ONE WOODSTOVE". These people are suppose to be educated, you would think they would have scientific data to back up their exaggerated statement. As soon as the councilors heard this they huddled and came up with the solution that wood stoves are a major contributor to the pollution so Tina Lange acting as Mayor officially announced that their working on  a motion to ban wood burning stoves.

Its this kind of ignorance and stupidity that really makes a person loose faith in mankind....loose hope in society. There was a public forum at TRU on Sunday, A professor Douw Styne from UBC who was suppose to be a air quality specialist, nice guy but I must say I was a little disappointed with his presentation.

When I had heard he was coming to town I contacted him to point out not to be "a negative nancy" when it comes to all incinerators, I sent him some information on the topic and he replied stating railway ties is definitely bad and that I needed to support my community. I agreed yet I email him back again pressing the issue to make sure he new the real science behind wood, again he replied and was some what agreeable, even going so far as to ask for help as he needed pictures for his presentation. I was happy to help thus the pictures he used of Kamloops pollution were indeed mine. We thanked each other and left it at that as I had a gleam of hope that he would see the benefits of wood stoves, wood gasification, and the future of wood and at the very least not focus on the propaganda of government information and educated facts versus real facts.

Educated facts are facts taken from a report that may or may not represent reality, produced because of demand or purpose such as government air quality reports.
Real facts are facts that are taken directly from reality through selfevidence, real facts have the power to over through educated facts if proven through self evidence that the educated facts are wrong.

For example, one of the first things Professor pointed out that is wrong with Kamloops is the air quality device MOE uses to give them the reading they base their decision making on is flawed in that it is located in the valley bottom when if fact pollution rises.  A citizen later asked the question how much worse does the air get  as the elevation increases? Professor Douw described that there what is called a X10 effect...for every hundred feet up, the air quality is 10X's worse (I think that is correct). This is true for the height of our valley, which is about 1000ft high mountains on either side suggesting a great number of us live higher up obviously would get a large dose of pollution.

  The thing that disturbed me was that he went on a described Canada's national average comparing different parts of Canada....for which I stood up and pointed out that the information he got was from a government reports for which he already pointed out that the machines used to gather the information was not even close to being accurate...I got a little emotional, as I also pointed out ever dam professor goes around making speeches such as he with the wrong information,also  political choices such as to allow more corporations to pollute, is all based on these bloody inaccurate reports!!!

  I was disappointed that the professor didn't even mention the word nano toxin though he did go so far as to say all wood burning is a bad for the community which agitated me  as the complete opposite is true if commonsense was used. Case in point: His information was taken from the government propaganda which gives residential wood a bad rap as well as the government data has no mention of nano toxins thus the professor couldn't possibly make any remarks if no information is available on it. The professor went on to base his whole presentation on government data, stating numbers on Canada's national pollution levels and what is acceptable across Canada...all the information taken from government  inaccurate reports  taken from misplaced monitoring stations that don't measure nano toxins let alone proper measurements of the toxins they do measure. 

  Yes wood smoke is bad....that I do agree....where does woodsmoke come from??? Bloody inaccurate government propaganda says 13% comes from wood stoves and chimneys. That is not even close, you see they pass blame,  MOE and ministry of forests have been slash burning millions of tons of pinebeatle wood in the last five years, logging companies burn wood to increase the market price as they only take the prime cuts and burn the rest in huge piles. A few years a go there was a citizen movement to get rid of "beehive burners" in mills across BC because of the smoke....well the fuckers got rid of the beehive burners but they never got ride of the pollution as mills in BC pollute 24/7/365 days a year. I like to point out that these bullshit numbers are taken from monthly readings and averaged out over the year...wood stoves for starter only burn for 3-4 months a year....the pollution they are monitoring the rest of the years does not come from residential heating.

It comes from one of two places, either private corporations such as any mill in BC you drive by smokes equivalent to 1000 old fashion wood stoves burning green wood with the damper closed off 24/7/365 days a year. OR there's public corporations like misery(ministry) of forest and ministry of morons(environment) who go around 8 months of the year slash burning wet wood in the middle of a snowbank, each average size slash pile emits enough poison equal to 100 wood stoves do in three months... because they push it into piles that do not get enough oxygen to burn proper, the wood is often wet! which hampers combustion, the weather is often cool which also effects the ability of proper combustion...the smoke that you see is actually solid particles that did not have either enough oxygen to fully combust, or moisture and cool air that actually puts the fire out before it combusts fully. so yah wood is the main ingredient in the air, but its not residential. ..don't believe their propaganda with out question like a sheaple.

Most people who have a recreational fireplace use it an average of 12 times a year, 5% of people may actually burn wood for heat source. Of that 5% 75% have converted to EPA zero emission wood stoves. EPA wood stoves reburn the smoke before it enters the chimney resulting in less wood used, no chimney fires, and no smoke after start up.

Wood gasification is actually a savior when it comes to the environment and could be a source of clean energy for much of BC  as it is for much of Europe if not for government corruption and intervention.

Wood is Bio-energy, that means it is part of the natural cycle of life on the planet. trees emit oxygen and soak up CO2, when they decompose or burned they release only the amount of CO2 that they soak up, forest fires are naturally cycling the CO2 and not to much oxygen as most of the world for millions of years was completely covered in plants and tree's....that is until man came along and in 10 thousand year has managed to strip much of the earth bare of trees placing the balance of life with in our atmosphere off kilter. 

  Not only by stripping the earth of plant life, severely decreasing the generation of oxygen, but man in all his ignorance takes fossil fuels and burns them like they are going out of style further offsetting the balance of gasses that build our atmosphere creating global warming.  Any one who tries to deny any of this and say global warming is a farce does not care about the environment nor finding alternative clean energy.


Hear is an example of gasification using clean wood, the possibilities are fantastic considering how much wood waste is burnt in slash piles inefficiently creating to much must understand the process...wood turns from a solid, to a liquid to a gas....basically molecular or reverse engineering mother nature, adding proper amounts of oxygen and ignition to create proper smoke what so ever, carbon neutral!
Hear is a story of typical government bullshit being dominated by greed and capitalism at the cost to the average tax payer and environment right this very minute. MLA's are lap dog of Gordon Camble as corporations dictate to our government much the same way they have locally in Kamloops concerning the railway tie incinerator. you see governments don't want clean cheap energy alternatives because they want us to pay corporations large sums of money so they collect large sums of tax.
Here is a picture last summer 09, I thought it was from the tree grinding facility that sits across the road from ACC cogeneration. None of the citizens knew..only the bureaucrats in the city knew ACC had a permit to grind poisonous railway ties until this weekend at the public the in  hell can they allow this kind of shit to saturate our air!!! How can one be so ignorant to place a few jobs in favor of polluting 80 000 people...Where the fuck is worksafe BC?? In a time when worksafe BC is as strict as a catholic school teacher in the 60's, worksafe drills down on average business yet allows whole cities to be was pointed out the at the public forum that non of the workers were wearing masks to protect their lungs....WTF??
Here is a picture take in 08 in down town Valleyview, the air was hazy and as you got close to the mill, it got hazier. It is obviously not smoke, rather particulates swept up by the wind as ACC ground railway ties in the center of the city....again WTF happened to strict MOE monitoring? I checked the air quality and it was what MOE called fair air quality @ #3 on a scale of 1-10.
It is true, wood smoke is the largest pollutant in the atmosphere, though it is not from woodstoves as government would have us believe. This is a typical slash pile, though you will note there is no moisture or snow, nor is it low tempatures like it is hear now.
This is played out several thousand times each year around the province for 9 months of the year. Inefficient burning creates pollution, like driving with water in the gas and the choke on.
I went before council in 07 to ask if the city could use this technology, Kelowna uses it, Air burners consumes waste wood five times faster than slash piles with out any smoke what so ever. @ $100 000, MCDorkle insisted we couldn't afford to use this technolagy, though just weeks later he spent $750 000 on a brush chipper to chip 6" scraps. Kamloops region MOE refused to endorse these machines merely on the precedence it would have....they worry about costs to corporations though I thought it was their job to worry about costs to peoples health.
"Ministry of Environment" should be changed to Ministry of Corporations"
Consciousness is the key, wake up out of the trance government has us in, locally, provincially, nationally, and internationally....the problem is one of control for the better of capitalism.
Recognize we are being lead astray as sheaple.
This is one of the pieces of evidence that blew me away, until you see it for yourself it is hard to believe. watch all 30 episodes to reveal the truth played out long ago. Think of the effect drugs have had on society, one would think that heroin comes from china, but the sad fact is England got china hooked on drugs in trade for England's famous tea. The first wars of the continent were fought purely out of enticement from those who's motives for war were merely profit and control...and every war since has indeed been one of profit and manipulation of the masses. It has been the blood of our for-fathers that has been spilt in the name of royalty and sacrifice.
This video goes through the monetary system, take time to watch the full 4 hours of it, very educating, shows how the governments manipulate the very core of society.
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