Reality Check Radio Programs #6-10
Radio Program #6 march 3/2010

Hello every one, my name is Brian Alexander, your host for “REALITY CHECK” on 92.5 the X and online at as well as 106.1 on Shaw cable. We are located in Kamloops BC Canada on TRU university campus.

This week, I am going to analize our Leader Gordon Camble and his fibral government and just the How good of a job our government in BC is doing, as I look around locally in the last year or so, there has been a growing trend, the stores, restaurants and pubs are practically empty. Since the fall of 2008, the economy has declined so much that it imitates that of the great depression in the dirty 30’s. Previous to 2008 the world had enjoyed a sky rocket economy, the likes of which had never been seen before….except for maybe the roaring 20’s that preceded the dirty 30’s….hmmm, maybe there is something to be learned there?

Still locally and in our province many parts of the sector have been in economic down turn long before 2008, like forestry and farming both have been floundering with out any concern from either provincial or federal governments. Then along come this worldwide suicide tank of the economies and every dictator’s daughter gets bail out money, I was shocked to hear recently of the federal government giving billions for pension funds for a corporation’s employees because the corporation was going bankrupt. There was billions given out to banks and auto manufactures in bail out money and yet the over paid executives still got their bonuses….the insanity of humanity boggles the mind.

Much the same as our provincial dictator Gordon Cambles actions boggles the mind, a man convicted of drunk driving is responsible for the lives of each and every British Columbian. Repeatedly proving his irresponsibility has no bounds, closing schools, hospital beds, starving paramedics into submission bringing into question if Gordon Camble even has a heart, like the grinch who stole Christmas, Gordon is stealing the fabric of life from British Columbian’s.

Gordon Campbell’s Terrible Handling of BC’s Economy amounts to BC Liberal Americanization of Formerly Public Assets and Services

Since coming to power, Gordon Campbell has allowed BC assets and services to become owned and controlled by exceedingly wealthy and powerful US individuals and corporations. If these powerful entities thought it prudent to buy assets and provide services for British Columbians, why did the BC government sell them? BC citizen tax dollars, user fees and utility bill payments have been contracted to go to the richest of Americans, and Campbell’s government is the one that has signed the contracts giving our money to them. We have been sold out!
BC Medical Insurance Corporation
Under the Liberals, Texas-based Maximus took over the record keeping of BC Medical records. This includes any psychological, psychiatric or addictions treatment performed by any BC health care professional.
The cost of this service is higher than had it been kept in house. The cost has jumped 60% since the company took over our records in 2004. Maximus’ profits are up too.  More notable than the loss of jobs and capital to the US corporation, however, is the threat to BC citizens’ right to privacy. Under the USA Patriot Act, all records transported (even digitally) across the border to the US are subject to warrantless searches by arms of the US government which includes the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI and the CIA. Canadian Citizens have no rights in the USA. Maximus does consulting with government bodies in the US. They provide services for the US government. This puts this US-based consulting company in charge of your BC-based documents. Infact just about every public reord keeping has gone to the US corporation Maximus, BC Family Maintenance Enforcement Program, school records, ICBC records….all convienantly have detailed records on each and every one of us Could this be a conflict of interest?  Big Brother is watching you? Later on when I get into the details of the N.O.W you will see the significance of the US having detailed records on each of us, ther is growing trend of control of the masses democracy turning to dictatorship.

Concerns over civil liberties were ramped up when the provincial government of British Columbia passed a law allowing Vancouver to ban anti-Olympic signs, even when they are on private property. Under that law, residents can be imprisoned for six months and fined $10,000 ($9,500 US) for not removing “offensive” signage. Equally alarming to some was a provision that allows police to enter private property without a warrant to remove the signs. These actions are a definition of a policie state…control is the goal. We’ll talk about government control at a later date, lets change gears.

The ever popular BC rail is testimate to Gordon’s abilities to undermind the people of BC, collecting one billion cash in return for 2 billion is tax breaks, as always the devil lies in the details….can you imagine??? We actually paid a corporation to take control and reap the rewards of BC rail.

Looking through CN Railway's financial statements a couple of months ago, I found that as a result of the purchase of BC Rail, CN has already made huge profits. Within the reports it was stated that a good deal of CN's improved financial position and profits came through the acquisition of BC Rail. It seems to me, even if the people of BC had wanted to sell the railway (which they didn't), Campbell chose the very worst time to sell. 
With record use of BC Rail lines and equipment for transporting BC resources, CN has made great sums of money! Further, CN sold off BC Rail equipment, reduced service and reduced BC Rail staff. CN was also given huge tax breaks by Campbell for purchasing the railway. The Liberals stated they wanted to get the BC Rail debt off the books. Astute businessmen, CN found the BC Railway debt-to-assets ratio not to be anywhere near excessive. So here we have it: reduced payroll for a reduced (BC Rail) staff, reduced taxes from that payroll, and a tax break to CN. Campbell's terrible business skills were, again, working against BC citizens. 
Note: Bill Gates invested heavily in CN concurrent with the sale of BC Rail. He became its largest shareholder in 2006. I, for one, don't believe Gates (the richest man in the world) would buy into a losing proposition. 
Bill Gates, with his 32% share of CN Railway, now owns 32% of what used to be BC Rail? 
Notice that CN had an average annual earnings growth of 37.6% over the five year period: 2004 through 2008.

Following the controversial sale and the rise of public outcry over it, the Liberal regime contracted outside consulting firm Charles River Associates to examine whether the Province received fair value in its sale of BC Rail operating concessions to CN.
The total value of the sale was $1 billion. The package was comprised of two components. $750 million was paid by CN to the Province in exchange for the right to operate rail operations for 60 years on the rail beds that will remain state-owned. Charles River Associates calculated that CN can anticipate about $6.7 billion in income over the 60-year life of the deal. That averages out to about $111 million a year on the $750 million investment, or about a 15% annual return. This, according to Charles River Associates, is about right when the deal is compared to similar deals elsewhere in the world.
It is in the second component of the deal where mystery arises. CN paid a further $250 million to the Province in order to acquire interesting tax shelters on the books of BC Rail worth an estimated $2 billion and possibly considerably more.
When a company purchases equipment, it does not need to declare the total value of the purchase on its tax return for that year. Instead, the company can apportion parts of the purchase price of the equipment over several years of tax returns. Companies like to do this so that they can reduce the profits they need to declare on their future tax returns, and for which they are liable to pay tax on.
Equipment purchases that still have remaining unused value that can be declared on future tax returns are an asset for a profit-making company. Another company that wishes to reduce its taxes by reducing the profit it needs to declare may wish to purchase the first company solely in order to acquire these un-depreciated purchases from the other's past for its own future tax returns. BC Rail, at the time of its sale to CN, had $1.2 billion in un-depreciated capital purchases on its tax books, a rather attractive asset for profitable CN.
Furthermore, BC Rail also had on its books operating losses that can be carried forward to future profitable years. When a company loses money over the course of a year's operations, it can carry forward those losses to a future year when it experiences profit, and reduce the taxes it needs to pay. It can simply deduct from profit enough of its past losses to reduce its profit, as far as tax returns are concerned, to zero, ending up liable for no taxes in that profitable year.
Other companies can purchase a company with carried-forward operating losses in order to apply those losses to its own profits and thus reduce the taxes it needs to pay. At the time of the sale of BC Rail to CN, BC Rail had about $800 million of carried-forward losses on its books.
Combined with the $1.2 billion in un-depreciated capital purchases, CN acquired in total $2 billion worth of tax shelter instruments for the princely sum of $250 million. Tax shelter instruments are extremely important to profitable companies because provincial and national corporate income taxes in British Columbia grab 38% of a company's reported profits in its tax returns. Reducing the profits a company must report reduces the taxes it must pay to governments. Companies with large carried-forward losses and large un-depreciated purchases have become increasingly attractive targets for take-over by larger, profit-making companies. It is often the case that the interest one company has in taking over another company is almost solely in the hidden value contained in its tax books, and can have little or nothing to do with its real assets or operations. BC Rail's $2 billion worth of tax shelter instruments may have been the real prize CN was after, while the actual assets and operations of BC Rail, worth just a potential $111 million annually, was simply a throw-in to legitimate the deal, and added bonus if you will.

So you see the deal Gordon Camble brokered, could even be considered criminal, which is why it is before the courts as we speak, though I expect it to be much like a OJ trail with Gordon Camble claiming the glove just doesn’t fit. One might even go so far as to say Gordon’s actions were treasonous, as any one who would manipulate the minds of British Columbian’s into thinking we will pocket a billion only to find out in reality it is going to costing us 2 billion in tax shelters is a low down piece of monkey excrement and people like that should be put in the history books as such…not as the humanitarian they paint themselves to be.

There seems to be a trend in the last twenty years of politicians selling out the resources of citizens to Corporations, only to have the corporations hold the citizens captive and extort huge amounts of money. The cost of heating our homes is an example of a once public owned resource that was sold out to a private corporation.
It wasn’t long ago the price of heating our homes was only 20-50 $ o month, that was when it was a public owned resource, now since privatization the costs have grown 500% to now many in the province being threatened with being left in the cold unless they cough up 2-500$ dollars a month for a resource that half of western Canada is floating on, costs pennies to acquire as it takes no refining. It amounts to political sell out to corporate demand for the milking of money from the people who end up being slaves to the corporations. Under Campbell BC Gas was made into Terasen Gas which was then sold to the Texas-based Kinder Morgan which then became part of the Carlysle Group. 
The Carlyse Group is the World’s LARGEST private equity firm. The Campbell government sold off your gas company to a private corporation owned controlled by some of the world’s most rich and powerful people. Though there are many current and past famous people within this group; some are quite notable; some are thought to be notorious. George H W Bush was senior advisor to the Carlysle group from Apr. 1998 to Oct. 2003. Donald Rumsfeld (Former US Secretary of Defence) was Chairman Emeritus from 1998 - 2005.  James Baker III: Carlysle Senior Counselor 1993-2005. Etc.

Can you see a growing trend hear people?? Can you say corporate sell out boys and girls.

This insanity of humanity is being played out once again in our province with our electricity, currently a publicly owned resource that Fibral leader Gordon Camble insists will not and is not being sold into privatization. Though again the devil is in the details, hear in reality the slow transition has been happening for years as it is estimated since 2005 Gordon privatized a third of BC Hydro's operations by contracting various customer services to Accenture corporation, and having severed responsibility for transmission service by contracting it out under the BC Transmission corporation, the Campbell government probably couldn't take the heat if it admitted that it was also privatizing Hydro's generating capacity, yet that is precisely what is happening. The evidence is found in Hydro's "service plan" which shows that 40% of BC's electricity supply will be privatized by 2020

This very minute private corporations are being given control of every waterway in BC
And electricity rates are expected to jump 30-50% in the next five years due to private deal in which Gordon Shamble has aloud these private corporations to sell the power back to us at a increase of 30-50% in the next five years under the vale of green clean energy that with the excuse of going green has to cost more is an example of them using the global warming issue against average citizens.

Plutonic Power holds the bulk of the new IPP “Run of River” power generation applications and development. Through a financing agreement, General Electric holds 49% stake in the company and will receive 60% of the profits from the generation of electricity by Plutonic Power. Warren Buffet, the 2nd richest man in the world owns Berkshire Hathaway which in turn holds gobs of GE; and, while GE has been investing in Plutonic Power, Berkshire Hathaway has been buying more heavily into GE. I don’t believe that Warren Buffet would allow his company to invest billions in anything but a sure thing. In the end, billions and billions will come out of BC citizens’ pockets and into Warren Buffet’s. 
Though the environmental degradation is thought by many to be the worst factor in opening these private projects for a pittance of a fee, if one cares neither about the Salmon nor the forests, then one should (at the very least) care about money and maintaining control of our rivers. The Liberals claim that the rivers are only being controlled by the rich Americans for 45 years (at which time their contracts are up). In reality, under NAFTA, it will be next to impossible to take the rivers back. Our great-grandchildren will most likely continue lining the pockets of the Warren Buffet/General Electric empire. 

All this from a man who dictated a law of no more deficits in his ignorance thinking he was, and indeed claiming responsibility for the last decade of prosperity in the world. Only to have it crumble before his eyes in the fall of 2008 when the United States collapsing economy sent the world into submission with the irresponsible actions of its banks medalling and manipulating the system giving mortgages with out security, combined with stock market manipulation of debt and speculation of growth based on debt world wide.  Always keep in mind how a politicians mind works, Growth is Good, linking it to prosperity,  potential of prosperity is always based on the ability of debt.

What was referred to as the housing bubble that burst because the system used to govern, and the factors that manipulate people into buying, imploded on its self, like a bubble implodes on its self when the air is let out referring to an economic quickly collapsing

There are a number of factors hear in BC and Canada that are making our own little homegrown housing bubble. In the last year, despite the down turn of the economy, housing prices have once again, gone against the grain of natural law pertaining to economy that states, when people are hurting prices fall, but because of speculation of debt, prices are rising of the chart as Canadian banks are more than happy to load nieve people up with debt of $500 000 or more. 

The bubble part comes into play when the determining factors are determined. According to RBC latest report: Housing Trends And Affordability, nov 2009, Canadian housing market is now at the one of the least affordable points historically, all provinces and major metro markets shared in the deterioration in affordability in the third quarter. British Columbia, especially Vancouver, posted the biggest increases by far in the RBC measures, more evidence HST and low interest rates are creating a feeding frenzy for financiers.

The expansion of the bubble takes place when the sheaple line up to put themselves in the shackles of huge debt loads based on a what the other guy states.

The other guy says the recession is over…though the other guy owns the media, actively manipulating sheople to get out and stimulate the economy back from the dead.
(Rule one in being a realist is God is the only one that is to be take on faith, all else must present proof) where is the proof that the economy is returning, could it be the return of 1.10$ L gas, or the still ghost town effect in all the major businesses? The government propaganda parasites persist its in the manipulated numbers they present to the media to be broadcasted to the sheaple.

There are also numerous factors that seem to push sheople over the cliff, the fact that Gordon Camble sold out British Columbians to the Federal government with the HST dictation coming in this summer, fuels a stampede of sheople that will sure to have its victims fall over the cliff of deadly debt.

The big cattle prod that drives them in droves to its point of bursting the housing bubble, is the banking system of manipulation, you see since the worlds economy tanking, which is also a result of banking manipulation, of which I shall go into detail next week, the powers at be who have control of the central Bank of Canada lowered the interest rates to next to nothing, .25%. The only ones that get this insane low interest rates are the banks of which borrow and buy bonds from the main Central Bank Of Canada, which is in its self a private corporation not under the control of politicians. Just who they are under control of is a mystery of which I shall also go into detail at a later date. The main point of focus is the little banks borrow money at .25% then lend it to these home buyers at a all time low rate of 5-6%, thus every one can afford to borrow $500 000.
So that is precisely what the sheople do in droves, sprinting to the finish line which is driving the prices of houses up 30-40% beyond what they are actually worth….so in the long run the sheople are not saving a dam thing, rather it has the appearance of a good deal. It brings to mind my ex wife, who’s compulsive shopping was aroused by the mere sight of a sign stating sale….didn’t mater if she needed the item, or if indeed it really was a good deal, she would run in to the store in a trance and happily fork over money. Her excuse was that it could be used at a later date or that it would make a good gift at some point for some one. I remember her buying a pair of women’s under wear that would fit a rhinoceros simply because they were only $2….only to give to our grandmother next Christmas. The look on my grandmother face was worth the $2 for sure as it was one of surprise from both of us. If people stopped and looked at the reality, many might think twice before loading up on major debt just because some one says it’s a good deal. The majority of morgages are terms of five years, interest rates are projected to start climbing in July which is sure to lead to disaster because the prices of houses is artificially driven up even such things as rent increases to pay for the increased morgages.

Its a pet peeve of mine that people only live in the hear and now, never thinking of the effect in the future, or the big picture. Last month the lower mainland has reported 6700 properties are 90days behind on their mortgage payments. The majority of them are commercial properties that have laden them selves with debt during the economic boom only to go bust. The Olympic Games are also to blame as the major shortages in funding drove taxes up in the Vancouver area, to a point the commercial tax rates are way out of sync with realty and the natural law of ability to be cost effective.

Another direct result of manipulation and regulation of governments and corporations in the name of capitalism showboating which is all the Olympic games really are.

The next venue for the Olympic games is in Sochi Russia, a country who is practically a third world, the majority of their people starve and live in poverty, winter sports are for the few elite rich. Though these show boat games are projected to cost Russia up to 33 billion and like hear, cost over runs are almost a guarantee, cost will actually be closer to 60 billion, as the city they choose is a poverty stricken village that has no infrastructure what’s so ever…the transportation and housing is expected to be 10 billion, and the ski hills is another projected 10 billion…and hear I am complaining over a measly 10 billion we British Columbians had to fork our for a show boat party….shame on me.

So you see the insanity of humanity, the Olympic games played out for the rich
A mere political statement, further more a show of political force, ignoring the people and the laws used to govern the people, noise disturbing peoples lives, closing down communities and businesses, blocking traffic, breaking every traffic law in the books with out reprimand…hundreds of complaint of Vanoc people running lights, speeding, talking on cell phones, parking where they shouldn’t be. A police state??? Nawwww, I’m dreaming right?

One of the key definitions of a police state is that of which does not make binding on its self the laws of which govern the people. Sort of like when Gordon Camble blessed himself from immunity of drunk driving, or the immunity of selling out BC resources, or given himself and his bum buddies a hefty 40% raise while refusing to give BC paramedics a measly 5% raise. BC paramedics are the most important people in BC, true hero’s, each and every one of them….put your self in their shoes, each and every call presents new challenges and dangers, saving peoples lives, dealing with death and massive injury, the mental strain alone is overwhelming though Gordon Camble and the Fibral government refuse to recognize the importance of true hero’s. He is to busy selling out to the Harper and the Federal dictators HST taxes soon to be implemented in BC.
It will add 7% more to the cost of many goods and services that were previously exempt under the PST even things like exercise and safety equipment, and green alternatives.
•It will transfer the entire sales tax burden from businesses to consumers.
•It will cost the average household in BC an extra $2,100 per year.

This is a tax that will not provide any more services so in reality is against the law, though we have been living under what is called a defacto government. Defacto is a latin word that means by fact. As pertaining to legal definition, Defacto In law, it is meant to mean, "in practice but not necessarily ordained by law" or "in practice or actuality, but without being officially established". That basicly meas this government established its self with out the blessing of its people. Both provincial and Federal governments are indeed defacto. In Fact collecting taxes is illegal and I shall prove that in the near future as well.

So the defacto provincial government is instagating the HST this summer which is also fueling spending in the province before HST comes into effect. this results is unrealistic numbers coming out, indeed BC is at the top out of all the provinces in ecoamy stimulation, the big boot to the balls will come when HST comes into effect at the very same time interest rates start to climb which is this summer….woow that will leave a marke.

A similar story can be told all across canada as the billions in stimulation money doled out to corporations also fuels the gains in economic numbers. Just this week Canada’s economy was said to have grown 5% in the last quarter, half of it can be atributed to stimulus money and the other half to consumer sheople beleiving the propaganda story that media and politicians state that the recession is officialy over.

In fact if you look at investment in Businesses reduced investments in plant and equipment, with a 2.3-per-cent drop. Building and engineering investment fell, as did investment in machinery and equipment.

For last year as a whole, GDP fell 2.6 per cent. Exports tumbled 14 per cent and business investment in plant and equipment plunged 17 per cent. The only other annual declines, since comparable record keeping began in 1961, have been in 1982, at minus 2.9 per cent, and 1991, at minus 2.1 per cent.

So its been stated that consumer spending is what is fueling the markets and increases of economic numbers, though consider how much debt the average Canadian is taking on is mind boggling.

Even before the recession began, Canadians were up to our eyeballs in debt. Since then, we’ve slipped below the surface. Over the last two decades, mortgage debt in Canada has nearly quadrupled to almost $1 trillion. At the same time Canadians have fallen in love with plastic. Credit card balances are up fourfold in just 10 years to $54 billion. Credit card companies repeatedly point out 70 per cent of card users pay off their balance each month. But many borrowers simply shift money from one form of debt, like their Visas and Mastercards, to another, like personal lines of credit. In the early 1990s, lines of credit were rare. Only about $4 billion had been drawn down. Today that figure stands at $200 billion, a staggering 4,800 per cent increase.
Absolute numbers tell only part of the story. To understand just how deep in hoc we are, you have to put that debt in perspective. One approach is to look at how much debt households are carrying relative to their personal disposable income. The results are shockingly American in scale. According to the Bank of Canada, the debt-to-income ratio of households in this country stood at 142 per cent in the second quarter of 2009. What that means is that for every dollar Canadians earned, they owed $1.42 in debt. That’s up considerably from 116 per cent in 2005. And by some estimates, it’s since blown past 145 per cent. By the bank’s own estimate, that ratio will rise to 160 per cent in two years, roughly where it is for American households. Except Americans are paying down their debts. So sometime in the next year or two we will leapfrog past America’s debt-laden households. What’s more, in terms of household debt relative to GDP, Canadians and Americans are already nearly neck and neck. “No one knows what the magic number is before we start to feel serious repercussions,” says Rock Lefebvre, a researcher with the Certified General Accountants Association of Canada. “But the numbers are getting dangerous.”
Perhaps the most startling aspect of Canada’s looming debt problem is how fast we’re making it worse. Canada is virtually the only country where households have taken on more debt during this recession. While total household debt in foreclosure-ravaged America shrank 1.7 per cent over the last year, debt levels here jumped seven per cent. In particular, according to Statistics Canada, in November personal lines of credit surged 20 per cent from the year before, loans for home renovations were up 31 per cent, and balances of credit cards jumped another 6.9 per cent. But in dollar terms, most of the increase in household debt has come as the result of the huge mortgages people are taking out to buy homes at today’s soaring prices. Over the past two difficult years of the economy, the total residential mortgage debt load in Canada ballooned 18 per cent. “We’re the anomaly in global markets,” says Derek Holt, an economist at Scotia Capital. “We continue to climb to new highs with house prices and we haven’t seen any degenerating among households. What’s so special about Canada? Is that we should be experiencing this while every other industrialized economy went down and stayed down?” can you say baahhh sheople?

There is even a strange rumor of people putting caution to the wind due to the speculation around December 23 2012 as being major significance implicator of major shift in the world, either physical or political is also strangely enough going to be more of a factor bearing input as the time gets closer and closer. Indeed People maxing out credit cards is already a major concern as a report indicating people are over extending them selves way beyond their ability to pay back…its like we went this far…why the hell not go for broke.

You see credit cards are dangerous to the worlds economy because it is what is called un secured debt, unlike secured debt which uses the house or car as collateral, credit card companies have no collateral other than ones credit rating which to many seems like a worthy sacrifice and if a large number of people go tits up at the same time, it will have drastic effect on world markets.
Though there is also the sad fact that many have no choice to run credit cards, as often times people can’t afford the growing costs of living, when it comes down to paying the electric bill to keep the lights on or paying a credit card, the lights win every time. Another result of dictator Gordon Camble and the fibrals selling out the people’s resources…. Consider reality….we the citizens own the gas in the ground, we own, the water in the rivers…how in the hell can they threaten us with cold with our own resources….answer: defacto government.

If you knew the number of people who have been threatened, senior citizens on a fixed income having to go to public places to stay warm and sleep with layer of cloths on because the gas company will cut off with out notice if a bill is even late even once. Today’s corporations have no heart or consideration of the human factor and have been given free range to sell citizens into slavery, nothing short of criminal butchery of services. Today’s corporations operate with no accountability, no customer services, automated response, large hidden charges, and insane interest rates with hide long-term contracts. Ever increasing demands, recently enquiring citizens to pay 3 & $400 deposits on essential services such as heating and electricity though no debt is owed, nothing more than being late a few times gives corporations the right to steal money from the mouths of children…credit card companies allowing corporations to easily charge citizens left right and center, the accountability of corporations is non existent. To this day fricken cell phone corporation tricks of charging $1 per text for unsolicited texts drives me up the wall…the audacity of these corporations to have the right to do that to average unsuspecting citizens is outrageous. People we are being sold out to the corporations like cattle…again a monument to the ignorance of politicians and the insanity of humanity. 

Politicians are the keepers of the financial system, responsible for the taxpayer’s money and resources like a parent responsible for raising its children, providing all the needs for the citizens. Though our government of the last 20-30 years represents a parent who is a crack addict, selling his children so he can get high, no less criminal than the real thing.

Politician’s resort to playing tax payers like a musical instruments, entertaining corporations capitalistic concerts.

The value of the Canadian dollar is directly related to the US dollar like a life support system hooked to a patient dependant on it for life, though the US value is undergoing some strain to say the least. It is a direct result of regulating and manipulating the system into a capitalist beast that relies on debt and the ability of debt to dictate to countries and indeed individuals. Banks rule debt, and debt rules our world as today’s world stock markets buy and sell debt and speculate on future debt. Nothing more than a glorified board game, though the difference being the lives their game effects. The stock market dictates to each and every one of us the price to heat our homes, the price to get to work and back, and for many of us, how much and of what we eat. This is the madness of the beast regulators and manipulators have harnessed society with. Next week I shall elaborate more on the cause and effects of the central Canadian and the insanity of humanity.

Gordon Cambles actions are a monument to his lack of abilty…we all remember the fast ferry fiasco from the famous NDP, of which the first thing Camble did when he got into power was sell the ten billion dollar for scrap metel…a crime in its self….though as I often state history repeating its self….yes the ferry fiasco is one again being played out much the same as the first time…this time there was a  ferry were Made in Germany called Coastal Renaissance, at a cost 430 MILLION dollars. It was said to have been built for the Olympics but again there were mechanical problem plaguing the fleet like the curse of captain cook.

A source who works on the inside gave us this inside scoop: he says

Notice the new ferries haven’t been running. One problem is that there is no clutch to stop the bow propeller from pulling forward when they are in dock, thus they are all pulling the bottoms out of the loading docks, they also substituted aluminum for steel midway through construction because of rising steel prices not taking into account the weight change causing the propellers to cavitate because of the raised waterline, this is also throwing efficiency out the window. They don’t want to load up the upper passenger deck (that’s why there always closed) because bcf figures the added weight on-top of a raised waterline may cause the ships to heel or roll. Funny the ships they replaced were 60% ! less tonnage for only a few more cars and passengers, yet the new vessels consume 25 % more fuel. Now there are rumors of the three being put up for sale. Lets see if Washington marine group bites on this one! This fiasco makes the fastcats look like a success!!! Wacky Bennett must of worn a hole in his coffin by now! 

Speaking of Oceans, the other complete catastrophy Gordon Camble and his meat heads are responsible for is allowing fish farming off the coast of BC, scientists have proven beyond all doubt that these farms are wiping out the salmon stalks….even going so far to starve the killer whales for lack of salmon off the coast of BC….again the insanity of humanity being aloud to do what he does….can you imagine the ignorance of this guy? Personally,  I don’t think there is an limit to his ignorance, again one of the first things he did was open up the shores of BC to private corporations to farm fish with out limitations. Really how can people like him get way with things like this???

His idea of jumping on the green wagon is to dictate a carbon tax that has no effect what so ever on the environment, in fact the fibrals present no real action or offer any idea’s to the global warming problem…something of a fairytale that with a wave of his wand will make it all better.

So there we have it, the very wealthiest and most powerful people in the world (Americans: Gates, Buffet, & Carlysle Group) thought it prudent to buy BC Rail, BC Gas, and BC Run of River Hydro production. On top of that, Ellison (the 3rd richest American) enjoys huge profits for managing the databases containing the education, health and ICBC records of every BC Citizen. BC citizens have been had in the worst way.

Though with them counting the votes, and a election budget of 5 million dollars they are a hard bunch to cruch….God willing one day there will be justice.
Untill then lets all pray for a miracle that the fear of god could change their evil ways.

Campbell is the shepherd I did not want.

He leadeth me beside the still factories.

He restoreth my faith in the Citizen Solidarity party.

He guideth me in the path of unemployment for his party's sake.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the bread line,

I shall fear hunger, for his bailouts aren't with me.

He has anointed my income with taxes, ......HST being the latest

My expenses runneth over.

Surely, poverty and hard living will follow me all the days of my life,

And I will live in a mortgaged home forever.

I am glad I am Canadian

I am glad that I am free.

But I wish I was a great big dog ...

And Gordon was a tree.



This week I have to apologize, I don’t have my usual script, I forgot that the next two weeks is spring break, I don’t get as much time as I would like with my son as I am divorced, a sign of the times, as I share custody with my Ex.  Though I have always felt it important to spend quality time with children, before you know it they grow up and their gone, funny how times flies some times, and the older we get the faster it flies by. 

I grew up in a dysfunctional family, and it shows, often times it can be a cycle, children get neglected either emotionally or physically, only to grow up to neglect their children.
Children who grow up with out good influences, human comrodery, or role models often are confused with life, often times looking to groups that give them the comrodery and direction, often times they are bad influences…this is a one of the key problems of society and the people with in them…they are hurt and confused, not able to think for themselves, so people tend to follow the only thing they know or been told by society.

It is a cycle I have vowed to break with my son, to raise my son and indeed treat all kids with the respect and attention they deserve, give them good role models to help them grow up and live a positive, balanced healthy life. To give them direction and the ability to know what is right and wrong and make up their own minds on what is right and wrong, not to let government and societies pear pressures push them in the wrong directions.

The song I am about to play is dedicated to my son Kevin, I promise to always have time to pal around together, I also play this to remind us all how time is so valuable, not to take for granted our children and the safety of our children’s future. 

IN the headlines last week was march 4/10: B.C. pollution tests kept under wraps
Extreme levels of a toxic chemical were found in air samples from a Prince George, B.C., neighbourhood more than 18 months ago, but the community still has not been told of the danger, CBC News has learned.
Tests performed in the Millar Addition neighbourhood showed formaldehyde levels more than 18 times the acceptable level.
The Environment Ministry gathered the air samples in Prince George in July and August 2008 after years of complaints from residents about bad smells.
'I don't think there's a reason to panic'— B.C. Environment Ministry official Maureen Bilawchuk
"The [readings] … were unusual enough that they came back as a red flag," said Maureen Bilawchuk, head of the Environmental Management Section.
The B.C. government and local industry were informed of the results, but the community wasn't for fear of causing panic over results that might not be accurate, according to Bilawchuk.
"I don't think there's a reason to panic over these five very discrete samples," she said. "I don't want to say we're ignoring the situation. We want to follow up and find out what's going on."
It was important for residents to put the issue in context and realize that everything from traffic to indoor furniture can emit formaldehyde, Bilawchuk said.
Identified as carcinogen
According to Health Canada, formaldehyde in high concentrations is a carcinogen and contributes to asthma and allergies, especially in children. In lower concentrations, it can irritate and burn the eyes, nose, and throat.
Although B.C. Environment Ministry officials believe the 2008 test results were so high they might have been inaccurate, no new tests have been ordered.
One of the Prince George tests was taken in Fort George Park, a popular playground and water park next to a children's science museum and daycare. The samples showed 1,200 micrograms of formaldehyde per cubic metre in a one-hour period.
Another set of samples were taken a few blocks away at Patricia Boulevard and Taylor Drive, a residential street in middle-class Millar Addition, which is also near the Fraser River and the city's downtown. That test indicated 950 micrograms per cubic metre, also in a one-hour period.
B.C.'s acceptable level is 65 micrograms per cubic metre.
Re-testing in Prince George would cost between $6,000 and $12,000, but the government has not committed funding to the followup, Bilawchuk said.
Local activists have pointed to local pulp mills and an oil refinery as possible sources of the pollution.

Scott102 wrote:Posted 2010/03/07
at 1:11 PM ETI live in Prince George. I have been here since 2001, I brought my wife and we now have a one year old boy. I feel guilty, like I have been contributing to there poor health and side effects that are most certainly related to these types of pollution by allowing us to live in poison. I was ignorant to this health hazard of a city. To Bad because I enjoy living here, or did. Now I am scared for our health. I don't know what to do but move our perfect life and start over. Is this going to cause an early end to our happy lives? We can die young from this. This is complete bull$*&*. How did I not realize how bad this was before. I was in denial. This is serious. O My Goodness.

The next day the headlines; Air tests ordered for Prince George
The B.C. government will re-test air quality in a Prince George neighbourhood where extraordinarily high traces of the carcinogen formaldehyde were found in samples gathered 18 months ago.
Local residents in the Millar Addition neighbourhood were never informed of the test results, CBC News reported Thursday.
The MLA for Prince George-Valemount, Transportation Minister Shirley Bond, said Thursday that new tests would be performed but she did not know when.
'It should be that the government wants to do what's right'—Prince George environmental activist Dave Fuller
The B.C. NDP's environment critic says the government should have acted much sooner.
"It shouldn't take breaking news for our government to do the right thing," said MLA Rob Fleming.
"Protecting human health and air quality should be monitoring that happens much more frequently than that, to make sure that our playgrounds and neighbourhoods are safe."
Bad odours
Five air samples were taken by the B.C. Environment Ministry in July and August 2008 after years of complaints from residents about frequent bad odours in the air.
The results were so extreme — up to 18 times the acceptable level — that ministry officials suspected the data might be incorrect and did not inform residents about the tests out of concern they might cause unnecessary panic, ministry spokeswoman Maureen Bilawchuk said.
There were no plans to perform new tests and no funds had been allocated for them, Bilawchuk said Wednesday. The tests would cost between $6,000 and $12,000.
One local environmental activist said health care and pollution prevention should not be media driven.
"It should be that the government wants to do what's right — not that the government wants to avoid embarrassment to them," said Dave Fuller, president of the People's Action Committee for Healthy Air in Prince George.
Some neighbourhood residents have said they suspected the formaldehyde was contained in emissions from local pulp mills and an oil refinery.

NDP enviroment critic Rob Flemming came to Kamloops last Sunday for a public forum, he did a great job of infoming citizens beyand what we already new and what I have suspected for years…the government fibral government is incompitant.
Formaldehyde failure in Prince George a warning for Kamloops

B.C. Liberal cuts to environmental monitoring and enforcement have reduced the government's capacity to monitor air quality, something that raises questions for Kamloops residents concerned about a proposed plant that would burn creosote-soaked railway ties, says New Democrat environment critic Rob Fleming. The plant has already received permit approvals from the Ministry.

"It's been 18 months since formaldehyde levels almost 20 times the provincial limit were detected in the air near a popular playground and a neighbourhood daycare in Prince George, and residents still have no answers," said Fleming. "When this toxic chemical was detected no warnings were issued, and no follow-up tests were ordered."

According to the Ministry of Environment website: "An air quality advisory is issued when pollutant concentrations approach or exceed predetermined limits." However, the B.C. Liberal government made no effort to inform the residents of Prince George of dangerously high levels of formaldehyde, a carcinogenic substance, in parks and family neighbourhoods when they were first detected in the summer of 2008.

A ministry spokesperson told the media yesterday that no follow-up investigation was ordered because there wasn’t enough money to re-order tests. The B.C. Liberal government has cut the Ministry’s environmental monitoring and enforcement budget by 34 per cent since 2008.

"Formaldehyde is a potent carcinogen," said Fleming. "Yet the B.C. Liberal government did nothing in response to alarming levels of this toxic chemical detected in the air around a playground, a daycare and a children's science museum. Kamloops residents are watching revelations from Prince George and asking themselves if they trust the B.C. Liberal government to put air quality ahead of their agenda of cuts to the Environment Ministry."

The B.C. Liberal government announced they would do follow-up tests after New Democrats raised the issue in question period on Thursday, but Fleming says their credibility has been damaged.

“This is just one incident we know about. And it took 18 months and a media uproar for the B.C. Liberal government to take this threat to the health of children in Prince George seriously," said Fleming. “The B.C. Liberal government is playing politics with people’s health. An air quality advisory should have been issued when these results came back, and the government should have promptly double-checked the tests. What other test results are being hidden from communities?”

Earlier in the week Fleming made camments on the effect of the Fibral fudget  budget recently released, noting that, in 2008, B.C. was the only province in Canada to see increases in industrial greenhouse gas emissions
Tax incentives for sustainable products like energy-efficient appliances, insulation, heat pumps, energy efficient vehicles, alternative energy sources, and bicycles will be eliminated when the B.C. Liberals bring in the Harmonized Sales Tax on July 1.

“The B.C. Liberals talk about transitioning to a low-carbon economy, but with their clumsy handling of the HST debacle, B.C. will now tax green products, services and renewables,” said Fleming. “Our parks system is already falling apart. Further cuts to environmental monitoring and enforcement will only make a bad situation worse.”

Fleming noted that ministry-wide cuts could force more park closures and undermine the ministry’s ability to provide core services like effective enforcement against polluters and poachers, protection programs for species at risk, and work related to adapting to climate change.

“While cutting almost every department in his ministry, Minister Penner managed to budget an increase for his own office. That’s not leadership, particularly when we’re facing program cuts and hard-working public servants are facing job losses,” said Fleming.

“This government’s backwards decision to tax environmentally friendly products doesn’t square with the B.C. Liberals’ rhetoric on climate change. The regressive actions contained in this budget speak louder than words.”

Just yesterday Flemming did a follow coment on his face book page stating B.C. LIBERALS WON’T COME CLEAN ABOUT AIR QUALITY TESTING

The B.C. Liberals continue to make excuses and misleading statements about dangerous levels of formaldehyde found in the air near a popular playground and children’s museum in Prince George.

Air samples taken at Fort George Park in the summer of 2008 showed 1,200 micrograms of formaldehyde per cubic metre in a one-hour period.

B.C.'s acceptable level is 65 micrograms per cubic metre.

Yet, instead of apologizing to affected families about the fact that it took 18 months and media attention to order a follow-up to these disturbing results the B.C. Liberals are contradicting what ministry employees told media on Friday.

• B.C. Liberal Environment Minister Barry Penner told CHNL Radio in Kamloops this morning that there was money in the budget for further testing, but on Friday environment ministry spokesperson Maureen Bilawchuk said “without some additional money, it makes further work a lot more complicated.”- CBC Radio One – March 4, 2010

• According to CBC reporter Betsy Trumpeter “it would cost between $6,000 and $10,000 or $12,000 to do these tests over again, and even though the first alarming test results came back two years ago, the money for that hasn't been granted yet.” CBC – On the Island – March 4, 2010

• The budget for environmental monitoring and enforcement has been cut by 34 per cent since 2008.
Matt Horne, Director of British Columbia Energy Solutions for the Pembina Institute, made the following statement in response to the British Columbia budget tabled today:

"Fresh off the Olympics, British Columbians were looking for big strides toward a clean energy economy. But continued carbon tax loopholes combined with oil and gas subsidies amount to a near $700 million lost opportunity in these investments.

"While the budget does include new incentives for energy efficiency and clean energy of about $135 million, more funding is clearly allocated toward carbon intensive fossil fuel developments in the form of carbon tax loopholes, royalty breaks, and oil and gas road infrastructure.

"British Columbia's law requires that we reduce our carbon emissions by 33% by 2020. We still don't have a plan to fully meet that target, so it is important that we continue taking consistent and steady steps toward that goal. This budget doesn't do enough to help British Columbia take those next steps and drive the transition from dirty to clean energy."

How many of people have ever watched a TV daytime drama show…continually escalating and carrying on the next nay, never ending?

Well there is the biggest day time drama with the twist of reality unfolding before our very eyes each day, its free to watch, but this one is a little un usual because you and I are actually a participants in the show as well….well kinda, more like the helpless, mindless animals farmed by the corporate farmers.

Watching the economies of United States, Canada, and indeed the world unfold each day since September of 2008, has been a roller coaster ride like no other. With the same gut wrenching feelings,  often as we see played out before our very eyes the drama that effects our lives and the lives of people all over the world.

The mainstream media is nothing more than a propaganda machine for the most part, as they are all owned by powerful corporations who are owned by a few powerful families. For the real story one has to do a little research on the Internet, and that is exactly what more and more people are doing, stepping out of the box that society manipulation has put mainstream citizens. It is Natural law as for every action there is a reaction, and the reaction to many peoples lives and well being at stake has hit many a man with a hot poker of reality. We can no longer ignore the facts of government and corporation control and manipulation; it’s a natural instinct to want to protect your family from harm. People are going against the grain of government questioning their motives.

We hear the word democracy thrown around a lot lately, especially locally during the protests, the organizers are calling the rallies and protests  acts of democracy….for which I must disagree…for if these actions of rallies and protests have to happen in the first place it proves that democracy does not exist.
Democracy is not lying in bed at night sleepless worried that the corporation across the river is slowly killing you and your family. It only goes to prove that democracy is dead and these actions of protest are actions of people being scared out of their wits by government steam rolling over democracy, paving the road with corporate dictatorship!

I’m sorry Derek Cook, TRU political science professor, he don’t like me much, I think its because I go against the grain of his defined science of politics. He puts himself in this box that politics is a science and the rules must be followed to a T, at the forum on Sunday, he bored people into frustration as he talk about the official steps to be taken to act against government, the people needed to write letters and the members of government to write to…and so forth.

Don’t get me wrong, Derek does a great job, those public forums that are on most Sundays at TRU clock tower are great and they are very informative, giving us little pieces of the puzzle to ACC, the air quality, and the government process in general. 

Last week we herd from NDP environmental critic Rob Flemming, though I am not a fan of the NDP, I really liked the way this guy came across, like a regular person.

The information he gave was straightforward and very informative, and like many of us, he is an archenemy of ignorant Fibral government. Who wouldn’t be with the kind of crap the Fibrals are getting away with. Many people can’t understand how such a government keeps getting voted in and getting away with what they are doing…though when the playing field is not level governments easily manipulate the government, when the Fiberal government has 5 million dollars for their election campaign, and many of us independents have practically nothing it makes it next to impossible to challenge the ignorance. In fact I had planned to run in the last provincial election but when It came time to anti up the money needed I had none…the economy had taken its tole on me as well. The supporter I had for the city election was planning to back me for provincial election, though just days before registration he was harassed by police writing phony tickets aswell as other government pressures on his business…all convieanly placed which pressure him into withdrawing his support at the last minute. How can we little fry who are infected with the lice of government corruption, eating us alive in more ways than one, hope to even be a threat to corporate backed government?

IT was also pointed out when those who are in charge of counting the votes can also sway things to their advantage…like the city elections as well, why can we not recount the votes physically. Though those who control the system say only three percent can be counted to see if there are any deviants…guess who gets to pick which three percent? Alarm bells have been going off all around the world who’s elections use electronic voter ballots, the video that can be found on utube called hacking democracy points out the flaws and the potential for voter fraud. So ask yourself the question, but be sure to demand answers to these questions, and act on the answers… why is it that we can not go after the initial election and physically count the votes..Why do I need to fork over money and stand in front of a judge begging him to allow true democracy to take place…true democracy is allowing all question to be asked AND answered…you think Peter and the city might be scared of the results of the true numbers? Not that I expect to win. obviously not but if there was a large number of people who voted for me would ring in the ears of government just how bad people want accountability based on the extreme measures I took with Another monument to the death of democracy. And you wonder why we have the government we have….there is our answer…now what are you going to do about it….99.99% of the people choose to accept it.and then proceed to call people like me anarchist or extreamists.

Back to what NDP environmental opposition, Rob Flemming told us last Sunday at the public forum of what’s been going on behind the fibral government scenes, he dated back to 2001 where every year since the Fibrals have been making more and more legislation to make it difficult for the average person to know what our government agents are doing. What they monitor and how they monitor as it was so clearly pointed out in the evidence of PG’s air. The question I had was; have the same test been done in Kamloops? To which he looked me in the eye while Derek cut me off and nodded in a nonchalant way that signaled to me yes…and you should try to follow it up, though I wouldn’t have a clue where to start. One person cannot do this alone or easily, this is the tool they use against us.
You see the legislature has been getting more and more difficult to understand, and in fact he pointed out that it is actually illegal for Ministry of Environment to disclose to the public the results of air tests…can you believe that??? Bloody criminal, murdering and disfiguring people who trust the air and water to be safe to breath and consume. I don’t’ know if any of you know the repercussions of these numbers…Kamloops and many other communities have similar pollution as PG.

The main ingredient of heavy wood smoke from mills and slashburnig in efficiently is formaldehyde which is pretty much poison, think of the air like a cigarette in you mouth 24/7/365 days a year, what would the effects if children smoked, babies in the womb smoking, because these poisens go striaght into the bloodstream. Why do people smoke cigarettes in the first place??? The answer is to get high, get a buzz, it numbs the brain doesn’t it..well wood smoke does so as well…only you don’t get the break in between cigarettes, you can’t leave the room to escape the smoke.

I sell wood stoves, cleaned chimneys for the better part of 20 years, I know the facts behind wood, though the media and local grass roots groups such as savekamloops say all wood burning is bad, for which is ridiculous…wood is carbon neutral, and if any of you would like to debate me on this, I challenge yout o prove me wrong…residential wood burning is a drop in the bucket compared to the commercial smoke from mills, a drop in the bucket compared to government and corporation slash burning….even spring yard clean emits 1oo times more smoke in one day than all the wood stove in the province. Wood stove also only burn for 3 months of the year…Why do I say wood is carbon neutral..its if you look at the math…2+2=4 right…well lets compare wood to fossil fuels, fossil fuels are bio energy that lived millions of year ago, it compressed like a diamond is…the rate of compression is up 4-5 ties more CO2 compressed into any fossil fuel, now along with that million year of compression, there is an effect of molecular transformation of compound change as it come into contact with minerals in the earth…forming toxic chemical you don’t find in wood, like sulfur, and chlorine crap. Wood may have some of the similar chemical compounds as fossil fuels like methane gas, though in such minute quantities that it is natural and not a threat unless the wood is not given enough air to properly combust, such as mills and slash burning…like driving with the choke on, moisture content also effects proper combustion…how many of you have gone camping in the rain and try to start a fire with wet wood? Slash burning green wood is like dumping water in your gas tank…creates improper combustion…simple math people!

It wasn’t long ago that I to was a nieve sheople myself, it wasn’t untill my son starting suffering health issues, my natural instincts of protecting my child kicked in, occompanied by my God given talent of accessive stuborness, every one has a virtue, mine just happends to be stuborness and iccolence. Be that as it may, it  put me on a path to learning the system we were taught that was ment to protect the people, and indeed working for the people with the peoples money and resources. Though I learned the complete opposite as government is dominated by acts of mallace, suborntianation, tresaonery, and out right criminal acts of our government and the corporations with in it. All levels of government are guilty, though we shall focus and define each as we go along, keep in mind the big picture. Become conscious of reality and the part each and every one of us plays in the game of government.
Consider life a giant 10 000 piece jigsaw puzzle, from the day we enter we learn how the pieces fit together, natural law keeping in balance all life on earth in harmony…untill intelegent design man comes along ten thousand years ago, so called intelligent ended up back fireing, so called intelligent thought may be the down fall of the entire earth and its abilty to support life.

Well now we get to piece together what the hell doministc rich powerfull men have done to alter that natural course of government and indeed to what the synthetic system has evolved into today.



The views and comments are the opinion of myself, the natural person known as Brian Arthur Alexander, and any actions taken from anything I say is your own responsibility, and no way am I offering legal advice or condoning violence actions, or slanderous ill intent. These words are merely information that is to inform the public, and awaken the average citizen of our conciseness, and in turn of the reality of society, our environment, and our governments on every level.

Well again, lets talk about the air shall we, or more specifically the ACC’s hot air and the so called bioenergy project, There was a very important public meeting last Thursday held at the TRU hear, Ministry of morons, I mean Environment and ACC owner Kim sturgeons who were invited by the Chamber of Commerce to answer the peoples questions, and more importantly, put our fears to rest, of which they did neither.

I picked up a copy of ACC’s permit a couple of weeks ago, and I gotta say, the permit is so full of holes, I could strain my spaghetti with, as I pointed out on Thursday, I stood up to ask them the questions concerning the permit, but buy the time I had to listen to the BS presentation, my emotions had me vibrating in my chair, non the less I stood and asked the obvious question “ do you know the difference between bio energy and fossil fuel energy and if so how can you call this a bioenergy generator if your burning fossil fuels for which the creosote is made up of….I up and kinda stumble out of the blocks and didn’t get to make my points that I wanted due to being frustrated and emotional….we are not robots, we are humans with emotions, and for every action there is an reaction of either positive or negative, so when we have to sit there and listen to the lies and deception knowing what we know, With my back ground of 18 years as a bioenergy specialist I know the repercussions of the railway tie incinerator happening anywhere on the face of the planet, much less than in our own back yard is insane. So I had a hard time concentrating while we citizens are on the defensive side of what could be the biggest poison factory in BC.

MOE started with there official defense of ACC, with the first words being, we are not hear to defend any corporation….well Ralph Mouth, spokes person for MOE, if it looks like a duck, and if it quacks like a duck….then self evidence proves that it is indeed a duck…the MOE is looking like a duck as they sit shoulder to shoulder with ACC owner and his technical director, cohersing replies to questions, speaking like long time pals in plain sight of all us witnesses, next Ralph mouth…you sound like a duck as you give your presentation defending the vague science that you your self have been made judge and jury or with out allowing any independent input from say either professor Paul Connette or Professor Douw Styne of UBC …What are you afraid of MOE Boys, in order for democracy to work there must be openness to allow the average natural person access to the evidence and allow criticism based on facts…other wise it amounts to a dictatorship.

Though time and time again the three stooges at the public forum referred to the emission of the ACC plant being less than one wood stove, so since when does a woodstove burn toxic railway ties, residential stoves burn clean fir or beetle kill pine. And since when does one wood stove burn 500 000 toxic railway ties in a year? EPA woodstoves burn 2-3 cords of clean wood.
It is an insult and more importantly, slander, to the residential woodstove industry of which has been harmed due to these blatant lies…and I shall challenge these lies…the only way MOE will be forced to bight their toung is in the court of law. Though it may be in vain, as this is exactly how MOE gets away with such slander time and time again….they look at every thing as a legality, they slash burn because no science has ever proved in a court of law that slash burning is harmful, though one only needs to look at the self evidence of each slash pile producing more smoke than 100 woodstoves produce in an entire year, in fact the government controls the scientist funding as well as the courts…so it ends up kinda like a OJ Simpson trail…you know their guilty, though justice is truly blind as money is the only thing that wins trials. The Fiberal government has plenty of money, though it is our own tax payers money the use to beat us into submission….regardless I shall challenge the ignorance and lies, I will gladly stand face to face with the devil himself, challenging evil lies. Everybody knows the government is one big lie, this song I’m about to play is written for all the pricks that do the devil’s bidding.

Please Mr MOE corporation, why not allow us lowly dumb citizens to test the emissions, let us take a recording of the air with in 2M of the chipper and the stack, please do put a camera online for all to see 24/7/365 days a year with back up files that to be use as self evidence that can’t be conveniently erased.

Not many people realize that the chipper process is the worst part of ACC’s proposal for which has already been going on for two years, the chipper vaporizes the solid tie into fine particulate, for which rises as much the same as any dust floats in the air, and slowly but surely, builds up in concentration. If Railway tie chipping were to be even the slights bit viable, for which it is not, because your taking a toxin that is contained in the creosote combined with the toxin that every train has ever carried, for which a CN engineer pointed out at one rally, he said it was a common sight, often he would see deer stumble behind the train as the various hazardous chemicals leaked on to the track.

But if rail way tie grinding was even remotely viable and I was to do it, and want to live and not make people sick, I would do it in a properly built Indoor warehouse, with some sort of filter system that did not allow any dust to escape, the workers would have to be in ventilated hazmat suits, and indeed worksafe BC is being quite hypocritical as we have seen them time and time again, put stringent regulations on various basic commonsense issues. Such as Worksafe BC would not allow container inspectors on the ports to inspect containers of loading because of danger of Phormeldahyde fumes from things like rugs furniture, yet they allow 80 000 men women and children to breath formaldehyde levels 20 times over their legal limit…and to boot they even try to keep it a secret. For which the liberals have made a law allowing MOE and worksafe not to allow the information to the public as NDP environment critic Rob Flemming informed us a couple of weekends ago at a TRU public forum organized by Derek Cook and his NDP friends, with the Council of Canadians throwing in their 2cents for good measure, which for the most part actually do a good job, though they do shy away from me as I am not what you call a orthodox politician, they like to play with in the rules, though the rules don’t seem to be getting the citizens of BC anywhere  but deeper and deeper in the manure. The liberal government also keeps changing the rules to meet their needs, not the peoples needs.

Still, I like to take this opportunity for the people of Kamloops to thank Derek and the gang, even though I am critical of them at times, and they critical of me, we both have our places in this dramatic soap opera story of citizens verses the corporation. The public forums and rally’s really have given the people the pieces of the puzzle for which is needed to piece together the ignorance of our government.

He held another public forum last Sunday, for which not many people showed up because it was said in the media that ACC was most likely going to leave Kamloops, thus the majority of the people took for granted that this is the last we will hear of ACC. Again the media has jumped to conclusions and with it causing people to jump to conclusions, the other obvious fact why many people did not showed up last Sunday, was there were no special speakers, and I admit it feels like a victory, though as the old adage goes,…don’t count your chickens before they hatch. This can all be tied to NOW or new world order, no mater what the government and corporations will get their way one way or another, these processes are all smoke and scene bean job to the citizens to make it appear there is democracy.

Thursday before the Chamber of Commerce meeting there was a rally out side TRU main hall, 100 people braved the cold, the speeches weren’t much warmer, Several speaker spoke with not much to say, then the coalition of doctors spokes person spoke a few words that I had hoped would shine some light on commonsense, as especially the doctors should know the repercussions of the railway tie incinerators, though I did hear him say the air quality has been getting better in the last few years….I couldn’t believe my ears, the doctor speaking obviously had not been living hear in Kamloops long, I also attribute it to the 90 hour work week our lovely government has him working as a result the man obviously doesn’t see the light of day much…poor doctors.

Cathy McLeod was also there to giver the appearance that the federal government actual listens to the people, You can tell she personally really means well though she has no say what so ever in the discussion of federal government doing a environmental assessment. In truth the federal government is actually distancing them selves from provincial matters in an effort to drum up business, seems this economy recession has hasten the need for foreign investment so much that environmental concerns are to be thrown to the side, with the excuse that they don’t want to double the effort so Federal government is passing responsibility and veto powers to the provinces and the provinces only, so like in the case of ACC when the people don’t agree with our provincial government we now have no other avenue to seek justice. Read the thrown speech on the budget from Flarity, its all in there and defines why Cathy McLeod is as useless as tits on a water bucket. She is doing nothing more than showing up and making look like she is doing due diligence though however heart felt it will not amount to a hill of beans as indeed she pointed out at the rally on Thursdays rally that the Federal government is indeed turning a blind eye to ACC environmental assessment….and now you know why.

One of the keys of consciousness is to look at problems in the big picture, this ACC thing is just one action of our government in a growing trend of ignorance, following the news through the peoples grape vine online as it were, one of the topics I have been following, the story of the sea lice off the coast of BC that are killing wild salmon. A very well respected marine biologist who ahs dedicated her life to the well being of the animals that live of the coast of BC is being ignored by our government, much the same as me she is a specialist in her field, though government has chosen to ignore her and dozens of her colleagues who all come to the same conclusion using hard facts that fish farming is killing wild salmon, so much so that even the killer whales are starving to death.

Alexandra Morton, the respected biologist and tireless opponent of devastating open pen fish farming, has written a rather depressing open letter to British Columbians last year regarding the fate of our wild salmon and why she cannot continue her efforts any more following the provincial election results unless she sees substantial public support. Alexandra hasn’t given up though, last week in the online grapevine, she released more action plans she has to raise awareness of the devastating action of our government to ignore the science and the people who dedicate their lives.

Posted last week 3/14/2010
Alexandra Morton to Start a Protest Walk
Alexandra Morton is fed up with the stalling of governments on the wild salmon situation. She will begin a protest march on April 22,2010 from Sointula after traveling by boat from the Broughton Archipalego The march will culminate in Victoria May 9 (Mothers Day). She has suggested others join her and maybe even start their own Marches from other parts of the province. It's a huge undertaking on her part to Save the Salmon. Read about it here
Posted by Gary E at 4:29 PM

Now it comes to mind the plight we hear in Kamloops have, if the government has the means and will to ignore specialists in marine biology such as Alexandra Morton and her colleagues, don’t you think it would be no stretch for MOE and the government at be to ignore the air quality concerns? Last week those fears were proven sound as the story form CBC, which the CBC Quite possible may be the only media in this country with a conscious…of PG air quality test that showed 20 times over the legal limit of formaldehyde.

Indeed time and time again our government throws caution to the wind ignoring the alarm bells, the government ignores the plight of the people time and time again, on issues like farming in BC, for which its self is on the endangered list hear in BC as the sign of the times and our government is to endorse and assimilate Monsanto’s farming practices of corporate farming and Genetically modified food or GMO as the new word order’s regime. This may sound far-fetched and shocking at first, but make no mistake, the indicators are there, my webpage out lines the N.W.O tactics and the remedies for the cure of N W O.
The people them selves become what is known as sheople, cash cows of the N.W.O, ignored and farmed for profit, make no mistake, governments are ignoring the citizens, harnessing them with debt, municipal like the water meters and TCC buildings, provincially and federally selling of the peoples assets, stealing our recourses, these are all signs of the N.W.O times. Proof it already exists is the World Health Organization, NATO, NAFTA, European union and soon…north American union…. there’s no stopping them on any level, this is a game to them, imitating a chess game….and what are the keys in winning a chess game?

Must know your opponent. The government knows every detail there is on each and every one of us, we know very little on how to even defend our selves much less go on the offensive.

Another thing is one must Be reading and willing to make any and all sacrifices to win, to not afraid to cut down ones own people down…indeed our government is ready and willing to make any and all sacrifices even its own people, children mothers fathers, brothers sisters, sons and daughters are all expendable to achieve corporate control of the masses.even sacrificing the environment, and the animals and all life with in it. The goal of N.W.O is to imitate God himself, I shit you not….stay tuned folks and I shall prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt…that is if I am not taken off the air or worse…for the truth shall set us free, this ACC thing is just a notch in their stock.

I hear you…I know it sounds obsured….I know what most of your are saying…your crazy…I use to say that too…until I saw the facts…and there are literally millions of facts to proves these conspiracy’s. This history books are filled with good men better than me who have seen this coming, tried to take action, people like Nicola Tesla who saw society being harnessed with high cost of basic living necessities to heat our homes and cook our food…and many many more, I will prove it to you through these next few programs in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for the facts mam…as they say, just the facts mam. The fact is this government is a defacto government.

This little recession has been orcastrated by N.W.O behind the scenes, …why you might ask…well look at the things that have come to pass because of the recession….first thing that comes to mind is the deficits the world is falling ass over tea kettle, even hear at home lest look at what has happened due to the deficit…the number one thing that come to mind is the latest words form our mighty Conservatives in the budget speech last week….what are they going to do to get us out of the recession???

Two things,,, first is to ease the environmental loopholes that multinational corporations have to go thorough to get a corporation up and running with as little resistance as possible.

The second thing Flarity said in plain open sight, and that we hear in BC have plenty of experience with is, they plan to liquidate the peoples assets in a fire sale…come one come all dictators and multinational corporations…the words fire sale of resources…you now can control a country merely by stealing the peoples resources and selling it back to the sheople at 3 times the cost…

In fact as I pointed out last week the sale of BC rail, we actually pay these corporations to move into our neighborhoods, they flash a little coin to appease the people, so CN flashes a billion dollars only to claw 2 billion back in taxes and another billon in clearance sale of jobs and brand new shiny equipment the government racked up in taxpayer debt.

This is being played out time and time again, locally the question comes into mind the details of the sale of Weyerhaeuser to multinational Domtar….did they merely purchase it for the tax shelters, they sure seem to be downsizing, and running the mill into the ground, I heard they just recently where given millions of dollars for a phony upgrade and slush fund by the Federal government, because they are a poor little corporation in a big world market….boohoo….

You know what really pisses my off about Weyerhaeuser and Dumbtar…my grand father worked for 20 years in Weyerhaeuser mills, when he retired he bought a little place in Texas to spend winters in, when he walked into the hardware store in Texas he just about shit himself…there in the lumber yard, was Weyerhaeuser made in BC plywood for $10 a sheet, back in BC that same sheet of plywood was $25. How in the hell so the American get it so much cheaper and how can they pay that little after having to incur the shipping costs all the way to Texas when its made in our back yard and we pay over double? Well if you owner the company wouldn’t you sell to your own people for less than retail…well not good old dumb pacifist Canadians.The answer is our government is raping the taxpayers, got them bent over a barrel and screwing us like a rape victim only. The sad thing is my Grandfather died of lung cancer due to being a millwright….that’s right he worked his ass off till he was 65, then they gave him 5 years to enjoy his life before he was diagnosed with the horrible disease…Cancer put him through hell for the next 5 years battling it day and night, slowly dieing, a death perhaps the slowest and most painful there is, is the slow deaths of the diseases that come on the corporate backs disguised as prosperity.

How many of your family members slave their lives away for nothing, only to end up battling a disease as a result of workplace hazards…what’s it all for? A house and a car, in turn debt for a lifetime to banks? In fact mortgage in Latin means death pledge.funny how the system they use to manipulate us in to slavery, twists and hide the truth in a vale of BS…maybe you’ll get 5 or 10 good years…what a system…nobody realizes they have us in the chains of slavery to the banks, and to the government system of corporate dictatorship.

This little episode hear in kamloops with ACC is just another monument to the governments power over humanity, each day a new deception, a new deal, a new tax, a new law, my question is what’s it going to be like in 20 years?

To give you some incite to how our governments work, I am going to read a legislature discussion between NDP Shane Simpson, and Fibral meat head Berry Penner…one thing I learned watching the legislature on TV is how when asked a question during question period the response never ever, never …I mean never ever answer the question…now pay close attention, you will hear Berry Penner not answer the question that he was asked and in fact he will ask his own questions while he himself is suppose to be answering a question….that is what it is called…question period. This is what these dictators who label themselves the elected official peoples representatives forming the peoples government.

Liberals break promise, kick war Veteran out on the street.

Not even "tough guy" Bill Bennett, during the height of his restraint program in 1983, was stupid enough to take them on. Bennett knew it was a no-win situation

But that hasn't stopped Gordon Campbell from trying to force heroes and former prisoners of war out of their digs on property that belongs to the provincial government. And he's done it twice.

The veterans made an emotional plea for help Thursday after the government tried to renege on a 76-year-old deal giving the James Bay Legion free rent in a provincially owned building near the legislature.

In 1934 at the height of the Great Depression, Premier Thomas (Duff) Pattullo, granted veterans of the First World War the use of the building rent-free. The legion's 115 members were up in arms last week and with a bold yet effective counter-strike, these war heroes -- the majority of whom are in their mid to late 80s -- went public about the Campbell government's plans to force them to pay $26,000 a year in rent or find another place to socialize by this summer.

In exchange for the use of the building, the veterans maintain the cenotaph war memorial at the legislature and host the annual Remembrance Day wreath-laying ceremony in the legislature's rotunda. Many of them served in the provincial civil service following the two world wars.
The Legion donates $10,000 a year to charities such as the Mustard Seed Food Bank and James Bay Community Project.

The government did a hasty retreat from its plan to usurp the building back from these brave men and women who, having faced the Nazis and the Japanese, must have been laughing at the thought of taking on this gang that can't shoot straight.

The Liberals had previously tried to extort money from Legion members in 2003 but someone in government realized the optics were as bad then as they are today and abandoned the attempt


This week as promised I will talk about Federal Government and the role they play in dumbing down society and harnessing the people with loads of debt.

But first the news of the week and talk of the town is that the ACC fossil fuel incinerator will be pulling out of Kamloops, along with the grinding facility that they have been doing for the last couple of years.  This is thanks to the hard work of the people of Kamloops to many to list, though Kim Sturgeons is packing up and moving a little farther down the line. Kim is confident he will be able to pick up and move somewhere else in BC to another community using the same permit he received from Ministry of Morons, I mean Environment. This is only half victory people, this fossil fuel creosote is like a coal generator, the fact of the mater is when a coal generator burns, it too releases nano toxins that can’t be seen, and in fact a care2 make a difference, a environmental informational web site article released last week called; U.S. Streams Fail The Test: All Fish Found Contaminated With Mercury

"This study shows just how widespread mercury pollution has become in our air, watersheds and many of our fish in freshwater streams," said Interior Secretary Ken Salazar.

Salazar might have also added the American food supply to that list, as last year researchers found that foods containing high fructose corn syrup, an all-too prevalent processed sweetener contained detectible amounts of mercury as well.

Describes how high levels of mercury are in the fish of every river in the United States. The US generates a large portion of their energy and manufacturing processes from coal, and it is proven fact that mercury being one of the elements on the periodic table can not be broken down even with the fires of hell, and no mater how invisible it is, it is still there lurking in the air, to be distributed in each rain drop into the rivers on the mountain tops, into the fish who breath through the very water, then onto our dinner plates and into us, then into our children when they are born to a point now where 1 in 10 children in the US is born with some sort of mental deformities such as downsydrom. Physical deformities are also rapidly growing, conjoined twins such as the pair of innocent angels that were born joined at birth locally in Penticton BC as we saw in the news…not a natural act of God, but victims as a result of man’s meddling and mingling in nature, like a blind man stumbling in the dark our government allows ignorant acts against humanity.

One of my teachers of life is strangely enough a man not know for his philosophy;
Smokey Yunick was a world war two veteran who came back to the states and turned from the high horse power of airplanes and the adrenaline that came with it to the adrenaline of speed racing, one the best pioneering mechanics and indeed has many victory’s in nascar and indyapolos 500 in the early history books to back it up, world renowned among those of us who are into hot roding and mechanics. Back in the day, late 80’s I lived and breathed mechanics and hot roding, thanks to being brain washed as a kid growing up glued to the TV watching Duke’s of hazard, smoky and the bandit and cannon ball run. Back then you couldn’t easily go and buy after market parts like you can today. Today any body can go and buy a pre built 5-600HP engine off the shelf, back then it was the finer details working with limited stock manufactured parts that had to be modified. Learning from Smokey that the limiting factor in horsepower was its most restrictive point was where the air flowed through was the cylinder heads. You could buy big HP camshafts, intakes, headers and carbs to increase the air flow, but the most restrictive part that could not be bought was the cylinder head, souly left to the mercy and ability of the machinist; for which I focused my spare time into my own machine shop in the fine art of porting and polishing, in which one ports and polishes the cylinder heads to increase the weakest link thus allowing all the other parts to work better and produce higher horsepower…bragging rights mean everything and attention to detail is key in engine building, as in any task.

Wanting to learn all the best techniques I studied Smokey Yunick’s theories and techniques to achieve the inside scoop. Self-consciousness and natural simplicity is often hard to see when we are focusing on one problem. A good teacher opens your mind to the bigger picture, starting with the basics, Smokey taught me that the most restrictive part of an engine is the valve it’s self, he said if you could get ride of the valve you would have a much more efficient engine. Indeed most of the energy consumed is through turning the camshaft, pushing up on the heavy valve spring, to open each of the 16 valves. Indeed in the late sixties the Wankle rotary engine that eliminated valves by using cintrifical cycles for each of four cycles of an engine which are; intake, compression, fire, and exhaust which proved his theory correct, proudly the manufacturer Nissan manufactures the Mazda RX7’s using the rotary engine design that are world renowned in racing, though the big three,( chev ford, and dodge) had already committed themselves to the current basic less efficient overhead valve engine that is in 99% of the vehicles we drive today. The manufactures do this on purpose as we consumers have always been intended to use as much gas as possible to create the high demand and in turn high profits, the other sad fact is gasoline is actually a by-product, like a waste product almost, the real gem is the parts they use for plastic and jet fuel for their military regime for which I shall explore deeper at another time.

But the other very important realization that Smokey taught me was the way he described air: which is the whole point of porting and polishing, is you need to know how air flows and to help it flow better. Smokey said, “ to learn how to understand how air flows and the characteristics of air is to relate it to water indeed they are one in the same just in different chemical states. He said that water and air are exactly alike in the way they flow and move around objects. Being a backyard hot rodder with out access to a flow bench, he taught me how port and polish a stock set of heads to perform awesome.

Though now a days I relate what Smokey taught me how air and water assimilated what ever touches them into an air/fuel ratio or as in relative to our environment and air/toxins ratio in our environment, all around the world, air does not know borders. Every living creature on earth has with in its breast milk, jet fuel, fire retardants, mercury,  pcp’s and God only knows what else, this ACC is far from over, the air quality in all of BC in general stinks!…the insanity of humanity never ceases to amaze does it?
Goe to www . and click on humanityInsanity to see for your self the big picture, you will learn all we take for granted has been a farce. This way of life our governments has shackled all humanity with is flawed, locally We saw how the provincial government has any and all power on any environmental decisions, and we also saw how they kept the air quality information from the people in PrinceGeorge, injustice it is, even criminal, indeed it would be if you or I had done it, yet the government continues on with out so much as job lost or even an attempt to put the people of BC minds at ease as we lay in bed at nights wondering if the pollution from slash burning and corporations are going to have any health effects on our families.

Indeed, the entire world pays the price, and perhaps the highest price will be paid for by the generations to come. This is what I and all others like me are in essence fighting for, like our for fathers who went to war to end all wars, they did so, not for themselves, but for all children’s future like any natural parent would, and because I see my generation is lost to the idioantics of government and their un natural synthetic laws over the people, justice is truly blind….like all around the world, the hope lies in the next generation to come.

Now we can get down to business with federal government and the banking system and economic indicators and what affects them.

Money money money makes the world goes round…that’s the old adage, though if weren’t for the backs of the blue-collar worker as we’ve become to be known, the world would grind to halt. But a few sly keen, greedy wealthy families have been manipulating, profiting and stealing from the people for hundreds of years….its really just a big monopoly game, or more like the board game risk, except for the only losers are the sheople they sacrifice, the players all win.
In the next few weeks I shall enlighten you with some facts mixed in with my personal opinions. I look at this all as just one pig puzzle, we are given the pieces and have to figure out where they go, most people don’t bother to put the pieces together, most of us are forced take for granted that the pieces are put together for us by our government. Though in the last few years many things have crept up on people, forcing them to put the pieces together them selves, like our high costs of living, poor environment, heavy restrictions taxes and fee’s, and fines, new laws, less accountability from government is forcing the people to have to put the pieces of the puzzles together themselves, like we had to for the ACC issue that government tried to steam roll over the people, the federal government is even worse, as they are even more puzzling and manipulating each and every one of our lives with out most of us knowing it.

Lets have a little contest…the first person who tells me where Money comes from, will win $10 cash. Email me at  Can Trans Am at…winner will be announced next week.
And a little hint: from a tree or wood is not the right answer.

Lets get into the meat and potatoes of our financial system hear in Canada, as most of us well know our economy and markets is closely tied the United States economy and markets. Some of it bad some of it good…actually most of it bad a little tinny bits are good.

For instance our banking system is a little more stable than the US’s, though a five year olds banking system would be better than the US’s right about now, never the less Canada is benefiting because of this fact, and in truth the US hates it. In fact they have tried to ignore Canada as much as possible, taking TSX tickets off most US web sites, and practically right out of any media coverage from the US like CNN. Even the financial blog on my AOL web page has resorted to “designs in orgamy, other things you can do with your money” and rating the best fried chicken restaurant instead of the worlds economy, they don’t want to talk about green land and Iceland gong bankrupt, they don’t want to talk about Greece, or the many countries in Africa that are going bankrupt, and they defiantly don’t want to talk about California and most of the other states that haves started issuing IOU’s to their government workers obviously because broke and another name for broke is bankrupt…though Governor Swartzenager still seems “all pumped up” putting on the happy face like all is well.

Though the investors of the world are not stupid, they see the mess the US has gotten its self in and are looking to invest in a more stable environment as a result our Canadian dollar that was made fun of for so many years for being nearly half of the US’s worth at one time is now fast approaching par. This trend also happened a couple of years ago when it threatened parity only to do what they like to call a correction in the market down to 80 cent mark average.

This is regardless of the incompetence of the politicians to get any real progress other than dealing with accusations and fraud charges, something I have always been embarrassed of as a Canadian was the actions of our politicians in general feeling they need to do more work and leave the legal stuff to an outside independent investigator with it being like most of the cases before courts….closed to media, banned from printing or talking about the case until it is final and then blame is placed, then let the opposition party and Canadian people at 'em, and hold them truly accountable. 

The one thing that has been largely responsible for the increase in the Canadian Looney is the fact of our natural resources are so vast it propels Canada on the world stage as a viable resource especially since the prices of metals and fossil fuels have gone through the roof.
Oil and natural gas for which most of the world is dependant on like a crack addict to crack, has had its prices manipulated so high that the royalties also has made Canada as wealthy as royalty. Though it never seems to be enough, blundering fools so called professionals seem to somehow run a deficit borrowing billions from a fictitious bank that compounds the interest increasing the debt to society ten fold.

OAL news bulletin Headlines; December of 08; U.S. Worried Over Canada's Political Drama
The story read; The whole world is watching and our closest ally - the United States - is worried as Canada goes through a "constitutional psychodrama," Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon said Tuesday.
In reference of Stephan Harper proroguing parliament the first time and the opposition coalition as they were become to be known: libs in bed with the NDP and Block to threaten to over throw the conservative government when they were not going to offer any economy stimulation for the recession bordering on depression if no action was taken.

Cannon told the Commons he expected president-elect Barack Obama's nominee for secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, to ask about the stability of Canada's government. He is hoping to have his first conversation with Clinton on Wednesday.
"Is there someone in this chamber who thinks that our most important commercial partner and our most faithful ally is not worried about what is going on?" he asked.
The Bush administration's envoy to Canada, Ambassador David Wilkins, said he was watching the tempest, but not unduly unnerved by it.
Wilkins said he hasn't spoken to the White House about the crisis and didn't know if he would raise the issue during a farewell visit with President George W. Bush later in the week.
Cables go down to the State Department on current events," he said in Regina. "I'm sure cables have gone down on this."
Cannon said the scenario of an NDP-Liberal coalition supported by the Bloc Quebecois replacing Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservatives is befuddling to the international community.
"This, Mr. Speaker, is not a scenario that is easy to explain to our allies and our partners who are striving mightily to achieve economic prosperity through political stability."
But if our allies were seeking explanations of the contretemps, few were willing to say so.
A spokesperson for the Queen would not go anywhere near the issue, refusing to say if Canada's head of state was paying attention to what was going on in its former colony.
"I've spoken to the people on our side and the only line I can give you is that this is all a matter for the Canadian government," said a spokeswoman for Buckingham Palace.
How ever as we well know Harper got away with it, other than Harper doing an about face and injecting billions of into the economy in the form of corporate bail outs and a little tid bit of a house improvement tax deduction designed to stimulate people into borrowing yet more money to get 13% of there improvements back at the end of the year. Woow woow as we say hear in reality land. Stimulate basically means bring to life or bring back from the dead.the economy definitely seems dead, its what they call eye of the storm where its dead silent in the middle, get ready for all hell to break loose.
Indeed Stephan Harpers actions of proroguing were so successful he did it again in a unprecedented move earlier this year, as he again prorogued parliament for which the people and politicians alike are scratching our heads wonder why the conservatives bothered to do so, some speculated it was because of heavy questioning and name calling over the Afghanistan detainee situation. This is indeed a monument to the ignorance and unaccountability of our government; instead of answering the questions placed before them, they run and hide until every one promises to quit asking the questions they don’t want to answer, talk about school yard antics
The world markets responded with the realization of Harper once again calling wolf and with the world in so much turmoil, the world pretty much ignored the actions of proroguing of the peoples parliament. The United States is burning the midnight oil wearing out the printing press, printing out money, trying to stimulate their economy by giving it all to bail out bankers and corporations which have complete control of every fathom of the average persons life. Investors have lost so much confidence in the US’s ability to stop the free fall of their sinking system of market manipulation that the world is stampeding trying to get out of the American markets, the Canadian markets seem like la la land even with our political incompetence, the resources have them wanting to buy up ever dam resource they can get their hands on…after all the federal government is liquidating the peoples resources to make them look good by lower the deficit they have no idea other that speculation will remove the deficit.
I also mentioned last week how the Throne speech focused on how the Federal government is also stream lining the process for environmental requirements because the economy comes first, locally we found that out when we went to the feds to ask them to investigate ACC, this is just one little shit stain corporation, there are hundreds maybe even thousands of projects all over Canada just like the ACC toxic rail tie incinerators, such as garbage incinerators all over Canada, why…because politicians and people in general are dumb, if they can’t see it you have a hard time convincing them it exists, and the other excuse is the States does it, so it must be ok…though if you consider most of the garbage is plastic and plastic comes from crude oil….plastics is fossil fuel baby. DUH
It all gets assimilated into our air which is like one big organ …like the skin is to us…it has the ability to heal its self, providing the damage is not to great. The air is also like our blood, one micron of toxin is not going to sit like a dart in one spot, it becomes assimilated as one with the blood or air, until enough builds up to have a negative effect, it takes a while, many years some times till toxins have and effect on us, well the environment has had 200 years of toxic buildup in its system of atmosphere.
The atmosphere infects every other part of the earth, or in essence its body. Even today they refer to that body of land and that body of water in certain instances…our government is taking the wrong steps in stream lining all of Canada’s environment procedures, making it easier for corporations to set up…this is why I personally think this recession/depression has been purposely orcastrated, by N.W.O, a goliath of a beast larger than any of us could have imagined….meant to strip the resources from the people then turn around and sell it back to us at criminal loan shark prices, an online CBC article describes how  the US is threatening to pull out of NAFTA, and when they go, the largest player in a three ring circus,  it all goes, a new agreement is already being negotiated called the North American Union, & I will go over the juicy tidbits in the coming weeks.

Any one notice how people Alan Greenspan chairman for the US Federal Reserve or David Dodge who was the chairman for the central bank of Canada, both individual banks are corporations not under citizenship of their respected countries in which they reside, yet either of them makes a two-word sentence and the stock market responds like a cold object was just shoved up its but, or OPEC stops the production of oil to manipulate the prices and people in third world countries have shortage of food, there are some strange entities who have no country to be traitor to, no elegance other than to profit and the corporations with in its circle. Though the power they wield effects every fathom of every person on the face of this planet, their mere words can cause havoc and panic. This is not your average Sunday political science lessen by a professor, this is stuff they don’t teach or tell any one, I’m talking about behind the scenes of the silver screen of politics rarely seen.

Its hard to understand this stock market and economy talk we average blue-collar citizens hear for a few seconds on our news programs and read the online news reports. All we seem to care about is being able to get a bank loan to buy that house or car before interest rates go through the roof and HST and carbon tax. Though recently its things have changed as the mother of necessity is on a need to know basis and the people are now needing to know as cost of living grows off the scale, and peoples well being are being put in jeopardy, more and more of us are trying to understand and make sense of the BS our economy is going through.

But that’s exactly the just of it, people who don’t know any better have been lead into a false state of mind, thinking that our banks and economies are fine, the politicians are saying the recession is on its way out. Indeed an article I read a few weeks back concerning the debt of average Canadians is increasing and Canada is the only country in the world where during this recession Canadians that have been adding debt. An article this week has people really confused as former Bank of Canada governor David Dodge says Canadians aren't saving nearly enough for retirement, even those who have great company pension plans and solid RRSPs.  Warning people to stop spending and to start saving though this has many people confused as we thought we were suppose to spend to stimulate the economy.
But when interest rates start climbing this year, all that debt is going to double the payments coupled with a contracting economy world wide will result in panic and in places like the US complete and utter anarchy. We don’t hear all the crap that goes on in the states, but mark my words, there is some heavy chevy shit coming down on the American people that will make the stuff we are dealing with seem like a birthday party.

  Hear is a comment from an AOL news article from a person in the loops who knows how the US market is being manipulated:
   "Bond yields opened much higher today as did all commodities except natural gas. Man somebody with some major bucks in their wallet is flip flopping and making a bundle. We gotta shut Wall Street down in order to force capital investment back in to the economy. Everybody is reporting huge profits, but as we track back a few months up to today we see the pattern. Jump from stocks to commodities then commodities to bonds then back to stocks. This is the best insider strategy I've seen in a while. It only works if you have a very fat wallet though. There aren't enough small timers who can afford to gamble like this giving the big boys some competition. Small timer's just haven't the confidence."

This is a description of how the US is artificially floating its stock market, taking the trillions of money and throwing it at the banks and stock market instead of into capital projects like healthcare, roads and bridges. One of the ways to drive investors to the stock market is to make everything else a bad investment. That is the main reason the interest rates are so low, nobody is going to want to invest in bonds for three years if the pay our is only 3%, so investors who have the bucks are playing a game with odds stacked in their favor as the insider who knows the games stated in his comment.

As the US dollar sinks like a torpedoed ship, the investors are jumping ship faster than rats to raft. Though to try and plug the hole for just the right amount of time to make a quick billion or two, the players who also happen to be the corporate owners and investors are being mentored on the need and ways of keeping the economy afloat buy reporting profits and cooking the books, once again with out regulation still not put in place which caused the mess in the first place. So the investors who also get regular people to throw in their life saving with them in a vale of BS calling it RRSP’s, duping millions of people in to handing over billions with nothing but trust.
Every week we seem to hear of another white-collar criminal who gets a slap on the wrist. Bernie Madoff and Konrad black come to mind, but there are hundreds of scum just like them in Canada in smaller scale, people like  Milowe Brost - aka Milo Brost, aka M.B. Gonne.  IFFL CEO & President, & former Director.  Convicted mastermind behind a previous $36.5 million investor fraud (Strategic Metals) discussed below.  He admitted he had "set the wheels in motion in what amounted to a fraud on investors" (his own words).  Fined $650,000 for his part in this alleged fraud, the largest fine in ASC history. 
Currently there are literally hundreds under criminal investigation for fraud and grand theft. All one needs to do is google the words BC investor fraud to come up with dozens of cases in which funny enough the media doesn’t seem to focus on or think its news the people should be hearing concerning the fragility and lack of policing regulating the investors. Most cases stealing millions upon millions only to be fined a few thousand and a promise to not do it again…. in many cases not even any jail time. Same goes for environmental policing, its just a smoke screen to make it appear every thing is fine so the people can sleep at night not knowing the truth of how screwed up the government system is hear, and allover the world, balancing on a high wire twisted out of lies and deceit!  I found a web a web page called IFFL or Institute for financial learning which outline the scams of financial institutions in laymen’s term for the average person is able to understand because those in charge like to confuse us with fancy legal terms.

About the only thing an average investor can trust is precious metals, and indeed many regular people have been switching to metals, recently we saw gold sky rocket over $1000 an once, I predict that it may even go so high as $2000 in the next five years, silver is also seeing similar increases, even copper and aluminum are good investments compared to.
Last year over one hundred banks went bankrupt in the united states, this year it is set to meet or beat last years at already 30 banks this year have gone bankrupt. Officially another bigger bank takes over its business, trillions of dollars have been given to the US’s banks in a bail out and diversion of a full-blown depression that would make the dirty thirties look like laundry mat.
Hear in Canada the system of banking is a little different, though don’t be fooled by the media and politicians…you have to pick up on the subliminal messages…like the commercial the government put out with our tax dollars telling us not to panic because your money is insured to always be there, so you don’t have to run to the bank and worry you can’t take it out. But what they don’t scream at you is that only $100 000 is insured, if you are lucky enough to be rich and have over $100 000 in the bank,,,,you are now broke, because. Bank no not physically pay you in cash…which relates to the pop quiz question; where does money come from, remember the first person to email me the correct answer will receive $10 bucks cash. And next week I will go into detail were money comes from.


Today is the last day of March, tomorrow is the start of city slashburning, any one with a large lot is aloud to burn back yard waste, such as dead tree’s and leaves, something that in large amounts and not done properly, it creates excessive smoke, and when there are thousands of smoky wet smoldering fires, it makes the whole environment for miles around quite toxic….though this year the conditions are extremely dry, there has already been several brush fires, one up it batch a few weeks ago, another in a planter out front the ESSO coffee shop. The only good thing about this dry weather is it will probably cut short the slash burning season, both for the city residents and for the famed Ministry or morons. I mean environment will also have their slash burning season cut short, MOE has been slash burning constantly from slept to the end of may or June…but thanks to global warming, the dry conditions in our surrounding mountains will put a damper on MOE's favorite pastime of poisoning the whole province of BC Though there are pioneers in the forest industry that do use their brains to come up with alternatives, people who admit slash burning on a large scale is stupid….take for instance, David Chabonneau who is the owner of Trio Technical, a former weyhuaser employee, now a logging contactor, he   saw a need for an alternative to slash burning, as with pine beetle ravaging BC’s forests there as been an insane amount of waste would going to waste.

I was totally impressed with his operation, instead of burning the wood, he uses a huge chipper, the size of a semi tractor, and the chips can either be spread out over the area as fertilizer, and mulch, or it can be taken to a gasification plant and turned into electricity. contract
MOE and independent contractors, corporations who are usually foreign, have been slash burning approximately a trillion tons of perfectly good wood over the past five years, turning it into a poisonous vapor that is injected into the air..a staggering amount …enough fuel to heat and provide electricity for those five years for all of BC, as there is technology for true echo friendly gasification, Europe has been converting their coal fired generators to waste wood, not wood that is cut down for fun, but the trillions of tons of waste wood, that in the end gets burning in really poor conditions by governments and corporation who don’t want us to have cheap clean energy, they would rather have us hooked on fossil fuels, to government and corporations, gasification is simply a process used to get rid of toxic waste
…hell back in world war two, lots of countries couldn’t get gas, so they develop a way to run their cars and tractors on wood, crops had to get harvested, there were no people, they were all conscripted to go fight for fascism…imagine, instead of pulling up to a gas station every time your need gas, you could just pull over and throw another log on the fire. …
…Indeed that is exactly where gasification technology came from…any one can get the plans to build one your self, plenty of videos on utube…indeed its on my wish list…as a mechanic and machinist I will be manufacturing a unit for testing in the next year ….stay tuned for updates.

The financial world has defined its self as an economic science, much the same as political science is defined its self, though both these sciences have proved themselves beyond the social values ethics and morality of humanity.. In the next few weeks I shall be discussing the science that defines economics, politics, and law; I will talk about the history and where we have come, as well as where we are now, and where we will be going in the near future. Nationally and internationally discussing the indicators and actions and how they effect our every day lives.

Lets refer back to last weeks program where I touched on federal and north American economics and the bureaucrats that have manifested the society we have today. I put a challenge out for the anyone who could tell me where money comes from would win $10 legal tender cash and a cd from the stations collection… no one answered the challenge correctly, so the cash goes into the next challenge to double the pot to $20 and two cd’s,

But the answer nonetheless to the question; where does money come from? is thin air ….yes money is created out of thin air…I know I couldn’t believe it either, its one of those things that until you see and hear for your self the science of where money comes from, it is hard to imagine.

There are some great informational videos that can be watched for free on utube and other web outlets that do a great job of informing the average person is easy to understand facts, I guarantee after you watch some of these video’s you will have a whole new out look on life…I shit you not…I use to think the royalty were are high and mighty too, and I trusted our government too, until one gets pushed into a corner, most people are not willing to listen…its like the old adage; you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make ‘em drink. This recession is pushing people into corners, their begging to ask questions, there is an awakening to N.W.O and the worlds plight, as all around the world economies are rocked financially, global environmental disasters of all kinds, we are indeed living in exciting times…though the; ohshit am I going to loose my house” type of excitement is not all that fun….Greece, middle east, EU, Asia and other world influences will be discussed in the coming weeks.

This week I am going to focus on a great video made on a low budget, by an average student with the smarts and determination to peace the puzzle together, the video is called O’Canada, its about the society we live in and how it is relevant to each of us every day. This is a perfect example of an original idea, from a younger generation simply acting from his conscious that knows what is write what is wrong, not accepting the excuses that society uses to ignore problems…”oh its to big of a problem, what can we do about it” is most sheople’s mentality, There’s only to types of people, the ones that will use commonsense and those who have no common sense and are submissive in mindset… this is a great example of a proactive grass roots group that questions the propaganda, and does a great job no matter it being a low budget flick. I believe he is from Toronto, where there’s a bit more resources and opportunities, but as I was watching this video, It dawned on me; wouldn’t it be cool if all universities had production equipment, (cameras lighting an sound equipment) so that any one in the community could use to make a short movie or commercial with out having to go to the private media and paying huge money to get a message out?, sort of like this radio station cfbx 92.5,this is like one of those credit card commercials; what’s the price of freespeeach? Its a priceless resource for the people, a rare chance to have our voice heard, to broadcast community and society issues, every one having access, given a voice.

There was some rumor a few months back of TRU getting a community TV broadcast station, though the private broadcasters are worried that it will draw even more viewers away from their already shrinking market thanks to the internet, which broadcasts the truth…God forbid we would want a public broadcast medium that actually was useful, informing people on the issues with our biased points of views…hmm, what a concept.

Indeed Utube and other Internet broadcasting sites have been the voice of the people, and make no mistake the N.W.O is scared shitless! IN fact Canada just introduced a bill called C41 I believe, in witch it looks at free information as terrorist actions, and 100% all broadcasts will be funneled through security, they will have the resources and ability to fist; shut down any web site they feel threatening, and then track you down, arrest and charge anyone for speaking out against government. That’s right… no one will be able to criticizing any government organization, not the RCMP, MLA’s, MP’s, the Law, or anything to do with government…even if say the premier was to get caught drinking and driving, no one will be able to criticize, or the RCMP assaulting or tazering some poor innocent citizen, no one will be able to criticize…don’t believe it? Some sites are already flagging more aggressive conspiracy posts, like on CriagsList….this is a sign of the times sheople! Baahh!

The O’Canada video deals with Canadian issues obviously, its nice to see some informational on Canada, for the last few years, lots of info has been buzzing around US issues, like Chris Martinson’s Video “Crash Course” which I will be discussing in a later program, though some of the information is transferable and is relative to Canadians Ocanada interviews Canadian politicians and looks at the three major forces that control us lowly citizens; which are Banking, Politics, and Law. 

Not only is O’canada informative, but its entertaining and awakening, as the host alsdfld, goes around interviewing our past and present Federal politicians like Paul Martin, Jack Layton, John Turner, Jim Flarity and a bunch others…he asks Paul Martin and Jim Flarity the question; where does money come from, Paul martin just about eats his chair with his ass as he squirms around dancing back and forth dumbfounded…very entertaining to say the least.

The truth of the mater; where does money come from? IS thin air…latterly, though the politicians use the courts to give the corporate banks the right to pull money out of thin air…. You can’t even call the banks foreign as the central banks of the world have no allegiance to any country, only a giant central bank called the IMF or International Monetary Fund founded in 1944 which today entails 180 countries as members. International Mafia Fraud would be a better description, because if you or I did it we would be thrown in jail.

To the question; Where does money come from; those of you who would say money comes from tree’s, would only be right a fraction of a %, roughly 33% right actually, as the banks produce so much money out of thin air, that there is not enough circulating cash to cover all debts, indeed most money is in the form of debt, most of us have credit cards, car loans, and mortgages right? and that debt is nothing more than writing on paper kept by the bank’s bureaucrats Its bad enough that we as individuals are in debt, if they call in our debt we would be bankrupt, and have to give up all we own, they garnishee our wages, condemning us to a life of destitute, a form of slavery you might say.  The are Litterly millions of American citizen’s living one the street, in RV’s, tents, no media will show how bad it really is down in the states right now…its bad enough around hear in the last two months particular, retail is down all over, service industry is a ghost industry, the industry that is cut from the body of society first.

Now lets consider that on a bigger scale, lets say the entities that Canada owes the debt to, called in the debt, said “either paid up, or they would break Canada’s legs”, and next week it would be worse, they might invade and kill you if you didn’t cum with the 500 billion Canada owes….Canada…not so bad, we could pay it off, pawn a few resources, like the citizens rights to roads, railways, oil and mineral rights, and badaboom badabing, paid off, though now your citizens are paying loan shark rates to buy back what they sold to heating and lighting our homes increasing costs of living for the average citizen by 10X’s public prices….this is what the IMF has gotten Canada and the rest of the world into.

I heard an old school politician (John  O’tool, lib MP) refer Canada as being; “nothing more than a fly on the ass of an elephant”, he was speaking in regards to the amount of influence Canada carries in countries such as the United States or other major world stage issues.  Though we have been guaranteed a seat at a very influential country club thanks to our resources in our vast land, Indeed these vast resources should make us as taxpayers have lower costs of living, and it did until privatization and NAFTA was brought in by Mulroney, and 80’s. People constantly point out the low cost of gas 30 years ago before BC gas was sold out to a private corporation…, reality, only 33 million people on this huge continent, Some say we as tax payers own the physical land of Canada, thus we own the resources; all the oil, gas, grain it grows, and potential of producing a thousand more times the amount of food we would need to feed our selves, the vast forest, and mining opportunities…each one of us should be millionaires and never having to hardly work a day in our lives if we owned all those resources, we could go pick out a chunk of land up in the bush, and call it your own. Eh?

Though the reason we are not all millionaires is other conspiracies show evidence of the Queen of England and all her Royal family own everything in all commons wealth countries all over the world…thus this is why things are called “Crown corporations,” for the queen is said to be the riches person on the face of the planet according to a video called “ring of power”, it can seen for free on utube, just google ring of power. This video is amazing, all factual information, tracing the history of the world and the bureaucrats that manipulate society of the world, all the queens men set up the central banks in each country, to govern and manipulate ever faaciteof the average persons life, its been going on for hundred of years right up to this very day…. sound extreme???, dam well right it is! Ring of Power has so much relevant information that I shall be dedicating a show or two at least to that video in the near future.

Still today there are some laws long forgotten that can work for the people, Somewhere there is old law that state each an every one of us is allowed to go harvest enough logs and resources to build our own home…bet you didn’t know that…and some say there is also a squatters law that allow up to 160 acres of government land for personal use. It would be a good way to end homelessness eh? Indeed that is one of my key idea’s for a new political party formation, to go in original directions, focusing on human and environmental needs. 

Where does money come from?…95% comes from private banks.
  Borrowing money from private banks is it cost 10X’s more the principle amount borrowed; Canada’s debt from 1867-1992 debt was 423 billion, though out of that 91% (386 billion) of it is compounded interest. Only 8% 37 billion of that original 423 billion actually go put towards infrastructure like roads, hospitals, and schools. That’s the devil hiding in the details of compound interest simply because we borrowed from private banks.

50 billion dollars cash floating in circulation, in Canada but the private banks only have 4 billion in their vaults or what they call reserves, but they have loaned out 1.5 trillion of which they then charge interests on. This money is just pulled out of thin air, litterly,
Legally its textbook fraud, if you or I tried to print money on our scanners, we go to jail. Politicians make the law, thus controlling the law, indeed passing the laws allowing private banks to issue money with out having a statutory reserve, or money to pay out debts, such as a gold reserve. What gold they keep around now is pure investment as the price is manipulated into super high level as every one losses faith in paper money as it truly worthless.

Gold standard is how most of us think banks are suppose to work, ideally banks are suppose to have gold in reserve as collateral. In order to lend out the value of the gold in the form of paper money, like our homes are collateral if we default on a contract, the bank knows they will get their money….but if a bank defaults on a contract, there is no collateral, this is how the first depression was set into a frenzy, people went to the banks merely on a rumor, (often placed by sly N.W.O agents) creating a stampede of people demanding their money back from the bank.
Back in the early 1900’s politicians in to power to pass law that allowed the formation of the US Federal Reserve.
When you or I go to the bank to get a loan, they like to ask us for collateral…we miss a couple of payments and they take the house back to pay for your debt…but banks get to make their own rules so non of this applies to banks.

Originally since the early days there was what was called the sliver standard, in which different weighted silver coins were given a standard value, and indeed for hundreds of years there was silver as the standard, up until the needs of industrial revolution when larger purchases we needed for newly forming corporations forcing countries of the world to switch to a gold standard which is a fixed amount of gold, (an ounce) was given a specific standard value. Then the world wars came around in the early 20th century and there was not enough gold to buy all the bullets and bombs these industrialized corporations needed for the wars…thus the gold standard was abandoned, and for the first time paper money was printed with an assigned amount of worth, or debt.
This money is called Fiat money; which is defined as;
Any money declared by a government to be legal tender, state-issued, money which is neither legally convertible to any other thing, nor fixed in value in terms of any objective standard. The term derives from theLatin  fiat, meaning "let it be done".

Compound interest; legalized loan sharking costs Canada160 millions each and every day, or 60 billion dollars a years.

In the old days compound interest was called Usury;  Indeed, Compound interest was once regarded as the worst kind of usury, and was severely condemned by Roman law, as well as the common laws of many other countries.
Every form of religion casts usery as a major sin, I won’t quote them, but if you go to wikipedia it has the whole history.
Though to find out the result of compound interst in the world just look how much debt is owed; US 13 trillion England 10 trillion, France 4 trillion, Germany 4 trillion, Italy 2 trillion; the Earth is 52 trillion in debt… the qeustion is to whom?
Ther were plenty of good men who spoke out against the madness, people like;
Liberal LeaderMackenzie King Said in 1935
“Once a nation parts with the control of its currency and credit, it matters not who makes that nation's laws. Usury, once in control, will wreck any nation. Until the control of the issue of currency and credit is restored to government and recognized as its most conspicuous and sacred responsibility, all talk of the sovereignty of Parliament and of democracy is idle and futile.”

Lincon stated something similar
"The government should create, issue and circulate all the currency and credit needed to satisfy the spending power of the government and the buying power of consumers. The privilege of creating and issuing money is not only the supreme prerogative of government, but it is the government's greatest creative opportunity. By the adoption of these principles, the long-felt want for a uniform medium will be satisfied. The taxpayers will be saved immense sums of interest...Money will cease to be the master and become the servant of humanity"

Thomas Jefferson
I sincerely believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people to whom it properly belongs.
Thomas Jefferson
If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and the corporations which grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.

Napoleon Bonaparte
The hand that gives is above the hand that takes. Money has no motherland; financiers are without patriotism and without decency: their sole object is gain.
Mortgage in French means Death Pledge
Speaking of death pledge, there are a few families who are the movers and shakers of the N.W.O, forinstnace the Rockefeller’s are a very influential family.

David Rockefeller
We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nation will accept the New World Order.

Many a good man who spoke out lost his life through assinanation, people we need to learn from, heed their warnings, we forget Lincon, Kenedy brothers, US president Garfield, all were shot after making similar comment against the central banks.

The movie OCanda also does a great job of warning us about who actual prints the physical money in Canada, again we sheople, and I include myself, because I am still in the dark, its tough job to figure out who what and where all this madness went on. But this movie does a great job of pointing out the facts, most of take for granted that the Canadian Mint owned by tax payers logically would print our money in circulation.

Not True, this would be to logical, and one thing you should be conscious of is politics has nothing to do with commonsense, or what is right for the better of the people, it turned from a Democracy into what they call an Oligarchy…again, I am not making this up.
Next week I will explain the process how we move from one to the other.

But this week, O’Canada points out that printing money too has been privatized, and its been that way for quite awhile, indeed a German private corporation called Gieseeke& Devrient, which is the second largest bank note printing company in the world. Gieseeke, & Devrient have been printing much of the world’s currency; in fact they are the company that prints Canadian tire money as well.

This German company is known for getting to excited and printing way too much money, that’s what they call hyperinflation. Gieseeke & Devrient are the same printing corporation that printed the worlds money during the economic collapse of the dirty thirties, in Germany its self printed so much money that it devalued money so much that it cost a billion dollars for a loaf of bread, money was so worthless that they used it for wall paper, and insulation.

More recently inn the 1980’s , Zimbabwe, who’s dollar was once worth more than the US dollar, at $1.47, had its economy highjack by a dictator who got greedy and started printing money, buy the same German corporation who prints Canada’s and the United States currency…some say it was a model system that they were perfecting to use in the US and NorthAmerican economy as a way of high jacking the resources and control the sheaple.

Brace your self. Because the next bit of information is going to shock you….Our politicians can legally borrow debt free money from our selves, though since the privatization in the late 1800’s the peoples debt. Though even today the Bank of Canada is indeed still owned buy the people and has the laws that allow us to borrow from ourselves with out any interest.

Not going to happen as big banks profit too much, even when the world is in a recession, the world’s banks make plenty of profits. Take for instance the profits of banks in the first three months of 2009;

Bank of Montreal reported 225 million profit for the first three months of
Scotia bank reported 842 million, CIBC; 147 million, TD; 712 million, and the king of em all, the Royal bank reported one Billion dollars, that is in just three months,,, and I think that’s just in Canada…no the banks are not going to let go of their control over the world with out a fight.

Some say chess is the ultimate game that imitates real war: because in chess, it’s a game of brains and Braun…precisely what wins on the battlefield is acombination of these traits.

In order to win in chess, one must know your enemy in order to anticipate its strategies, second you must not be afraid to make any and all sacrifices in order to win,

Well the New Wold Order knows every little detail about each and every one of us, and they are willing to make any and all sacrifices to obtain their goals of one world government. The awakening of the movement as I like to refer to it, is growing stronger every day, as the conspiracies are no longer conspiracies, they are now proven facts.
Now weather you have the commonsense to see these facts and to listen to people like me and the hundreds of others who are speaking out, trying to prepare for the worst. It may never happen, let say life goes back to what we use to call normal, job, mortgage, wife and kids, three meals a day and hockey night in Canada…great, at least you were prepared for an environmental disaster, and if it happened you had food and a plan for surviving, or have a plan incase the markets do go belly up, and you can’t get any money from the banks…that is why the price of gold and other precious metals are going trough the roof price wise. Because people c are preparing for the worst…survival favors the prepared folks…do you want to survive, of die a dumb duck?

Our politicians have the power to fix the situation; they could simply pay of the private banks with bonds produced by the bank of Canada, with minimal interest, and any further
Money needed could be produced by the bank of Canada to loan money to the Canadian people with zero interest.

I was impressed with Elibeth May, the Green party leader, she is on this video and talks about how the central banks control campaign promises….you see a politician can make all the promises in the world, but when he/she gets elected and goes to say build a hospital or school, well, they need to borrow the money to get it done, so when the politician goes to the private bank to ask for money to build the hospital, the banker says he doesn’t like the idea, and if you insist on building the hospital the banker will lower the credit rating which increases the debt load which eats up the allotted amount of money in the budgets. More of the money has to go to service the debt and less to infrastructure like hospitals, schools, and roads…Elibith points out how Bob Raye , as premier of Ontario couldn’t keep his campaign promises, because bond raters in NY who have no idea or interest in individual Canadians, threatened to down grade Ontario’s credit rating from AAA+ to AA+ , thus using more of Ontario’s budget goes to servicing the debt and less to infrastructure.

Though people like Jack Layton and Elizabeth May like too talk the big talk, yet as the video points out they don’t bring up the topic of the debt problem and what can be done about it, something that would instantly make them viable as a real alternative to the current conservatives and Liberals political parties that seem to be bought and paid for.

That is another problem…just recently they passed new laws allowing any amount of lobbying to political parties, lobbying is anther world for bribing, until corporations are banned from influencing politicians, things are going to continue to get worse for the average person.

The are some very powerful people who influence politicians, in fact they build corporations with the sole purpose of influencing politicians…you may have heard the name Paul Desmarais, a multi billionaire, who built; Power Corp, one of the largest corporations in Canada, owning financial institution, newspapers and media, oil and energies that produce 24 billion a year in profits…but his biggest investment is in politicians;

Many of the past and present politicians have worked for Paul Desmarais and Power Corp;
Trudeu, Mulroney, and Chretien, and even  Chrestien’s daughter married pauls son, you can imagine how close these guys are. Literally dozens of past and present politicians worked for what many call MR monopoly, because Paul Desmarais has a monopoly.

Perhaps the biggest star of Power Corp, is Paul Martin who operated Paul Desmarais steam ship line, and eventually took over for his very own, only to give to his sons the shipping line that is registered not as Canadian but flies under the flags of third world countries in order to not pay taxes, and to take advantage of sheep labor and poor environmental regulations…then Paul Martin has the balls to insist we pay taxes?

Can you see the insanity of our system and the criminals who run it?

It’s textbook organized crime; the politicians make the bogus laws that allow banks and corporations to steal the people’s resources, and then harness us with debt and sell the resources back at loan shark rates.

I hope to start showing come of these very imformative videos hear on TRU campus, though I am still learning the in’s and outs and finding my way around the campus and its resouces. Stay tuned for further update of when and where clocl public view might occur. In the mean time Utube has many great video’s like O’Canada, ring of power, and crash course by chris martinson of which all are very informative.

Where do penguins keep their money? In the Snow Bank! hahahaha